This guide will walk girlfriend through how to finish the Minutemen quest, autumn 4: The Sight. It’s the one whereby you run everywhere the place acquiring chems because that Mama Murphy, and also even build her a chair. This pursuit can finish badly if you don’t watch what you’re doing, however, so read much more if you want to prevent getting result that isn’t desirable to her play through. Simply be aware, this page does contain spoilers that need to do v Mama Murphy, so back out if you don’t want to damage the surprise.

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Bring Jet to Mama MurphyBuild Mama Murphy’s Chair in SanctuaryBring Mentats come Mama MurphyBring Med X come Mama MurphyBring Buffout to Mama MurphyBring Psycho come Mama Murphy

It looks prefer Mama Murphy is a little of one addict, and also her chem of selection is just around anything that will get her an excellent and messed up. You have the option of gift an enabler here, or you have the right to just overlook the old lady and go about your business. The benefit will most likely finish up somewhere in the middle.

For example, we had some Jet ~ above hand and also gave it come Mama Murphy, and she told united state of a instance that we would be in during one of the main quests, fallout 4: ominous Valentine. That’s the advantage here - providing Mama Murphy chems can offer insight into just how to acquire yourself out of some instances that you might otherwise struggle with. The penalty is the both Sturges and Preston Garvey dislike you help her acquire high.


We would certainly advise providing her the Jet and building her chair, however then maybe letting your Charisma construct up and trying to to convince her to absent the chems once and for all. Honestly, girlfriend don’t need the assist in your play through, and if you proceed to feed she addiction, Mama Murphy will certainly actually die once you provide her the Psycho. If you’re ready to go down that road, however, just know that you need to wait eight hours to offer her much more chems.

Can’t discover Mama Murphy’s Chems

Let’s i think you want to walk all the way with this quest and get Mama Murphy messed up in ~ every opportunity. Well, finding the chems shouldn’t it is in that tough as girlfriend wander the Commonwealth, however if you’re lacking something, you can constantly take a trip to Diamond City, visiting Chem-I-Care to obtain what you need. Some of this ingredient is very expensive, for this reason feel cost-free to read around how you have the right to Earn limitless Caps and Buy whatever in the Game. If girlfriend can’t uncover what you’re looking for in Diamond City, maybe you have to wander under the road to Goodneighbor, or… girlfriend know… simply not feeding old ladies drugs in the an initial place.

If you want to continue with the Minutemen quests, you can progress forward and also read around Fallout 4: acquisition Independence, or you have the right to return come’s autumn 4 Walkthrough and Guide. We’ll have every one of the main story quests, and also the side quests, and a batch of functions that should help you grasp the game in not time.

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