hello/hi = heya/hei. Ns am= ai laik. Okteivia = or everything your surname is. From/of the = kom - as in "come from" Skaikru = sky civilization - skai as in "sky" kru as in "crew"

Click come see full answer. Subsequently, one may likewise ask, exactly how do you say hello in Trigedasleng?

For “hello”, you say heya or hei; “goodbye” is leidon, or because that short, leida.

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Similarly, what language go the 100 speak? English

additionally question is, is Trigedasleng a actual language?

The language was arisen for Season two of The 100 by the research in language David J. Peterson, who likewise made the game of Thrones Dothraki and Valyrian languages. He insurance claims that Trigedasleng is an a posteriori language based upon English.

How perform you say might we satisfy again in grounder language?

May we accomplish again. — Mebi oso na fight choda op nodotaim. Speak true.

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What go Wanheda mean?

"Wanheda" is Trigedasleng because that "Commander that Death" and also refers to a title provided to Clarke Griffin through the Grounders.
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Is Wanheda a real word?

A entry from unified States says the surname Wanheda method "Commander the death". Follow to a user native Virginia, united States, the name Wanheda method "Commander of death". A submission from new York, united States says the surname Wanheda method "Commander the death".
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Can you learn Trigedasleng?

ABOUT TRIGEDASLENG Trigedasleng is the language spoken by the grounders (Trikru) in the TV series The 100 top top CW. The language is fun and also easy to learn (especially for aboriginal English speakers). EDIT: world have been super negative about this from the get go because it"s a conlang.
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What perform they say once someone dies in the 100?

"I want you to dominance this world, as I did the last. I desire you to kill everyone who gets in her way. I desire you to get revenge for Clarke," he says.
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What is AI in the 100?

A.L.I.E. Is one artificial intelligence (A.I.) produced by Becca Franco through Chris" assistance. A.L.I.E"s core command was to make life far better for mankind. However, this renders her as well bound to her methods to adjust when she is persuaded something is because that the finest of mankind.
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What walk jus Drein jus daun meaning in the 100?

Blood Must have Blood T-Shirt. Design by BadCatDesigns. View size Chart. "Jus Drein Jus Daun" style inspired by The 100. It price quotes the grounders motto “blood must have blood” in Trigedasleng and depicts Lexa"s face paint.
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What does Yu Gonplei Ste Odon?

Yu gonplei ste odon means “Your (singular) hit is over”, and Yo gonplei ste odon way “Your (plural) fight is over”. Wherein you saw yo, that was probably in reference to a plural entity whose fight was over.
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How can I develop my own language?

How to develop a simple Language
choose Your Sounds. Decide on what sounds you want to encompass in her language. Construct a Lexicon. In actual languages, place names have tendency to it is in descriptive and also people"s names median something, or at least did in ~ one time. Compose a Grammar. For a naming language, girlfriend won"t need much grammar. Select a writing System.
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Why was Clarke referred to as Wanheda?

She becomes known together Wanheda by the Grounders because the legend spread and is offered a name. They understand her together the commander of Death. This girl from an are burned 300 gibberish Grounder warriors alive in a ring that fire at the dropship and also then by herself.
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Where is the 100 collection on Earth?

The 100 soil on earth 20 miles west of mountain Weather, Virginia, in the Shenandoah Valley.
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Is the 100 grounder language real?

The 100 isn"t act anything halfway; the CW collection has hired language creator David J. Peterson come come up with a fully functional, original language for the Grounders, a branch of mankind which has actually survived on earth following a atom apocalypse.
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What go Azgeda mean?

The Azgeda, or ice cream Nation, to be a Grounder clan that was ruled together a kingdom, with no current leader. Well-known previous leaders to be King Theo, Queen Nia, and also King Roan. Trikru and Azgeda to be at war through each other before the production of the Coalition.
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Where is the City of light the 100?

The 100 in downtown Vancouver
We begin our trip in the heart of Vancouver. Despite The 100 is most frequently filmed in more rugged surroundings, in season 3 the City the Light essential an urban setting.
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How do you to speak blood must have actually blood in a grounder?

Lexa leads her civilization in a chant of “blood must have actually blood” in Grounder language Trigedasleng “Jus drein jus daun!” A half scared, half blood thirsty look comes over Clarke prior to she join in the chant.
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How do the grounders know English?

In the display "The 100", the Grounders speak a language called "Trigedasleng". This language is to plan to it is in a descendant of modern English, and we space to understand the it developed through natural linguistic drift.

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How old is Bellamy Blake?

age 29
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What illustration does Octavia satisfy Lincoln?

Twilight"s last Gleaming
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Why carry out the grounders speak a different language?

Everyone in mountain Weather just spoke English, so developing this new language, Trigedasleng, ensured that the Mountain males would not be able to understand the Grounders" fight plans. According to the show"s language creator, David J. Peterson, Trigedasleng is really just a heavily accented version of English.
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