What does Protocol Data Unit (PDU) Mean?

A protocol data unit (PDU) is an open-system interconnection (OSI) term offered in telecommunications that refers to a group of information included or gotten rid of by a layer of the OSI model. Each layer in the version uses the PDU to communicate and exchange information, which deserve to only be read by the peer layer on the receiving device and is climate handed over to next upper layer after ~ stripping.

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thedesigningfairy.com explains Protocol Data Unit (PDU)

A protocol data unit is information delivered as a unit amongst peer entities of networks containing regulate information, deal with information or data. In layered systems, PDU to represent a unit the data stated in the protocol the a offered layer, which consists of protocol manage information and also user data.

PDU is a far-reaching term related to the initial 4 layers that the OSI model. In layer 1, PDU is a bit, in layer 2 it is a frame, in class 3 it is a packet and also in layer 4 that is a segment. In layer 5 and above, PDU is referred to as data.

PDU has 4 fields: the location service accessibility point, source service access point, control field and information field. In packet-switched data networks, PDU is related to a organization data unit.




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