They competed with the Byzantines in order to trade v Asia. They were successful and ended up gaining positions in the Empire.

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A) castle gained control over many oriental trading routes. Explanation:

During the late middle Ages, north and central Italy came to be far much more wealthy 보다 the southern of Italy, with the city-states, such together Venice and also Genoa, among the richest in Europe. The campaigns had made lasting business links to the Levant, and the fourth Crusade had actually done much to damages the byzantine Roman empire as one economic challenger to the Venetians and Genoese. The central trade monitor from the eastern crossed with the byzantine Empire or the Arab lands and also onwards to the port of Genoa, Pisa, and Venice. High-end goods obtained in the Levant, such as spices, dyes, and also silks to be shipped come Italy and also then resold all over in Europe.

Merchants native Venice and also Italy competed with the oriental Empire in trading through Asia, i m sorry led them to very successful company endeavors the were detrimental for byzantine Empire"s economy.

The major role that merchants from Venice, Italy played in the decline of the byzantine Empire is the they created an elevation network of trade that eventually put the much more established traders and also government-sponsored service out of business. 


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