It is a hunter’s honest responsibility to avoid the hunt and search for any wounded animal.

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You need to wait because that at least a half-hour come an hour before trailing a deer, unless the downed deer is in sight.Make a exercise of closely observing every activity of a game animal after friend shoot it. Inspection the ground and also trail ~ shooting prior to assuming friend missed.Once in ~ the site of the shot, look because that signs:Blood on the soil or vegetationBroken twigs or branches, or scattered leavesA “dew” heat if beforehand in the morningTracksHair, meat, or bone fragmentsDownhill trails, specifically toward waterIf you lose a trail, find in a circular or net pattern, and try to pick up the trail again.Use fluorescent orange flagging to mark the blood trace in instance darkness or weather pressures you come quit the search and return the next day. Marking the blood trail also shows where to look for much more signs if you lose the trail. Be sure to eliminate the orange flagging ~ use.

Blood Sign

Blood sign can offer essential tracking clues, such as blood splashes in the direction the animal is traveling.

Dried blood usually has a brown color and can be difficult to clues on brown grass or leaves. Utilizing hydrogen peroxide may help you identify if spots you see room actually blood. Hydrogen peroxide will bubble on call with blood.The color, appearance, and location of fresh blood can indicate the kind of hit.Bright red blood suggests bleeding from arteries. Darker blood shows bleeding from veins.Blood that has bubbles or watch frothy might indicate a lung hit.Fluid the is greenish, has tallow, or is clear deserve to indicate an intestinal shot.

Hunter"s Tip

A clean kill boosts the odor of video game meat. A wounded pet that has to be chased down returns strong-flavored meat due to the fact that waste products, developed by stress, accumulate in the flesh.


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