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This Saturday will note the 81st meeting of the iron Bowl, maybe the best rivalry in college football. That counts on who you ask, the course, however it"s difficult to problem the prominence of this game between No. 1 Alabama and No. 13 Auburn. And also yet for all the social importance this game has in SEC country, this game actually has little in the way of actual consequences.

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Alabama has currently clinched the SEC West, and a lose here practically certainly wouldn"t hit them the end of the Playoff. The would set the phase for Alabama needing to victory the SEC Championship video game to gain into the Playoff, but Auburn can"t totally scuttle the Tide"s title chances on Saturday.

This video game would"ve had real stakes had Auburn not shed in mystifying fashion to Georgia two weeks ago, 13-7. Both Kamryn Pettway and also Kerryon Johnson have actually been managing injuries, and also Pettway"s standing for the video game is still increase in the air. If he have the right to play, it would certainly be a vast boost to Auburn"s chances.

How come watch, stream and listen

TV: 3:30 pm. ET, CBS

Radio: Auburn | Alabama

Online streaming:

Spread: Alabama is favored by 17 points.

Make friends: acquire to SB country team blog chats because that this video game at College and Magnolia because that Auburn pan and Roll Bama role for Alabama fans.

Three big things come know

1. This is Auburn"s huge chance to spoil Alabama"s shot in ~ a perfect season. The Tide have actually only gone undefeated as soon as in their recent run the championships under Nick Saban, and the regular mid-season lose that breaks Alabama right into overdrive hasn"t come this year. A loss right here probably wouldn"t keep Alabama out of the Playoff, yet it would be a method for Auburn to stick it in your eye.

2. Advanced stats don"t seem come think this is as big a mismatch as most people. Auburn is the No. 9 team in the country according come S&P+, and also have an violation predicated ~ above efficiency. Alabama"s one weakness has been offering up big plays on defense, and if Auburn deserve to run sufficient plays, it becomes a math trouble to offer themselves enough methods for large plays. That won"t be easy, but it"s their ideal shot.

3. If world are cooling ~ above Lamar Jackson for Heisman after ~ Louisville"s loss come Houston, this can be the year you view an offbeat Heisman contender. Jonathan Allen has been an pure monster because that Alabama, so if he can put together an additional wow pat or two in this game, he could start acquiring into the conversation. Probably not, yet maybe.

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