according to Castiglione’s book, the book of courtier, a noble need to carry out every one of the following EXCEPT
T or F: The Canterbury Tales is a repertoire of stories told by a team of 29 pilgrims headed for the tomb of Saint Thomas a Becket.

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False. Humanists dubbed them liberal because they allowed individuals to reach their complete potential. They were research studies that enabled world to achieve and also practice virtue and wisdom.
T or F: Throughout the Renaissance, researches were dubbed “liberal” bereason of their non-conservative technique.
False. By the finish of the 15th century, Italian painters, sculptors and also architects had mastered the brand-new methods for *REALISTICALLY* showing the world approximately them.
T or F: By the end of the 15th century, Italian painters, sculptors and also architects had actually mastered the brand-new approaches for symbolically portraying the world about them.
True. The High Renaissance in Italy is associated via 3 artistic giants, Leonarexecute da Vinci, Raphael, and also Michelangelo.
T or F: The High Renaissance in Italy is connected through three artistic giants, Leonarexecute da Vinci, Raphael, and Michelangelo.

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the department of Christianity in Germany kind of into catholic and also Lutheran says was recognized whereby of the following?
In 1534, Henry VIII asked empty to finalize the break of the Catholic Church in England also through the pope in Rome
Throughout the reign of blank, church officials moved the Church of England, or Anglican Church, in a Protestant direction
the blank were a radical team that strongly disfavored offering power to the state to manage the affairs of the church.
Anabaptists considered all believers to be empty, determined their own ministers, and also any type of of the community was empty to be a minister
protestants developed a brand-new see of the household. they aboliburned the necessity of blank for the clergy
after the council of trent, the roman catholic church possessed a clear body of blank and was linked under the supreme empty of the pope

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