b. HumoralThe parathyroid is stimulated by the yes, really level the calcium in the blood rather than by neural or hormonal stimulus.

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Which the the adhering to glands boosts blood calcium levels?a. Parathyroidb. Adrenalc. Pituitaryd. Thyroid
Which the the complying with hormones is created by stress?a. Prolactinb. Adrenocorticotropic hormonec. Thyroid-stimulating hormoned. Follicle-stimulating hormone
b. AdrenocorticotropicAdrenocorticotropic hormone stimulates the adrenal cortex to relax corticosteroid hormones, many importantly glucocorticoids that assist the body to resist stressors.
Which hormone is crucial to our capability to maintain our fluid levels?a. Aldosteroneb. Insulinc. Cortisold. Thyroxine
a. AldosteroneMineralocorticoids favor aldosterone regulate sodium and also potassium metabolism and fluid balance.
Which that the following triggers the release of glucagon?a. Release of insulinb. A to decrease in blood glucose levelsc. Somatostatind. Hyperglycemia
b. A diminish in blood glucose levelsInsulin decreases blood sugar while glucagon raises blood sugar.

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24. Which of the complying with exhibits an antagonistic relationship?a. PTH/aldosteroneb. Renin/ANPc. Insulin/glucagond. TSH/thyroxin
25. Which pancreatic hormone attributes to raise blood glucose levels?a. Glucagonb. Gastrinc. Somatostatind. Insulin
a. GlucagonGlucagon, produced by pancreatic alpha cells, boosts blood street by stimulating glycogen break down and gluconeogenesis in the liver.


Hole"s Essentials of person Anatomy & Physiology12th EditionDavid N. Shier, Jackie L. Butler, Ricki Lewis