Now the Bones has actually concluded that is 12-season run, it"s tough to imagine a time as soon as Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and listed John Wilkes Booth descendent FBI distinct Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) weren"t together. Yet even the many ardent "Semperance" (or "B-Squared," depending on who friend ask) shipper can"t deny the both characters had various other romances in your past. While Bones largely stuck to casual dates or friends-with-benefits type situations, Booth is more of a romantic. In fact, the came very close to marrying another woman throughout the show"s 6th season.

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After a failed begin to what would certainly go top top to it is in a successful partnership with Bones, Booth meets reporter Hannah Burley (Katheryn Winnick, in a stunningly divergent pre-Vikings role) while summary deployed in Afghanistan. The two waste no time proceeding their relationship, with Hannah moving into Booth"s apartment in Washington, D.C. After she return from the center East. Return Booth isn"t in denial the he quiet harbors feelings for Bones, that sees Hannah as his future.

On the season 6 episode "The daredevil in the Mold," Booth takes a large step toward moving on from his complicated feelings for his friend and colleague and also committing himself to a brand-new woman. The proposes come Hannah ... Yet unfortunately finds the end the hard means that Hannah is "just no the marrying kind."

The rejection was heartbreaking because that Booth and also any viewers that wanted to check out him spread out his wings and date someone other than Bones. However it"s what happens following that had some pan unable come watch.

Booth couldn"t have picked a much more picturesque place for his proposal: ideal along the Lincoln Memorial mirroring Pool. When Hannah rejects him and also then go away, Booth looks the end over the water in a minute of reflection, and also then takes the ring he was offering her and chucks it into the pool.

Reddit pan u/NotoriousB_i_queen had actually a tough time accepting Booth"s hasty ring toss. They started a subject succinctly and also calmly titled, "YEARS after the happened, every solitary time I watch it I want to CRY. SEELEY BOOTH WHY would YOU litter AN ENGAGEMENT RING the WAS that EXPENSIVE into A LAKE???? SHE stated NO I obtain IT however YOU could HAVE RESOLD IT and also GOT your MONEY BACK."

Fellow Bones fans assumed some points were made. Redditor u/MsTerrell confessed that the scene to be too lot for them come take, writing, "I usually fast forward or walk out of the room every single time."

Many users assumed Booth was simply piling on an ext misery for self by throwing hundreds of dollars away. User u/Ivehearditbothwaysss mentioned that the whole thing was particularly painful considering just how much " complains around his salary."

Alternatively, Redditor u/DingoD3 understood where Booth to be coming from: "In the moment, in that burst the pain, you"re no thinking about money." However, even they weren"t there is no critique. They adhered to that empathetic statement with, "He was an idiot to buy it in the an initial place. Hannah was an extremely clear that she was not the marrying type."

In the end, user u/AnotherCurrency to be able to see the cinematic value of the action: " guess that the scene wherein Booth pawns the ring for part cash doesn"t have the very same emotional intensity together Booth throwing the ring into the river."

Fans clearly had some solid feelings around Booth"s decision come ditch the engagement ring the bought for Hannah, but how lot of the is about the ring, and how much is about the end of "Boannah"? The prize is surprisingly much more nuanced than expected.

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Confirmed B&B diehard u/Petrizzle responded to a thread around Hannah by confessing, "I do need to admit the if Booth had actually to be through someone various other than Bones, Hannah would not have been a negative choice."

Reddit user u/SpiderSmoothie bravely outed themselves as an anti-Semperance fan by saying, "I believed and Booth were great together. I"m no a pan of the Booth/Bones pairing, tbh. Hannah to be such a good character."

On the upper and lower reversal side, user u/Strict-Teaching to be unabashed in your dismissal of anything acquiring in the means of Booth and Bones ending up together. Regarding Hannah, lock admitted, "I kind of hated her too also though there to be nothing super unlikable about her, perhaps that"s why: she seems too perfect."

Still, in spite of not bald hating Hannah, fans weren"t specifically crying the end in anguish in ~ the finish of her and Booth"s relationship, and also several quote an i can not qualify to acquire over the feeling that she was constantly meant to be nothing more than one obstacle for B-Squared. In another thread, user u/Flibberdejibbet posited that Booth might not be as well heartbroken around the breakup, either: "I think sabotaged the partnership subconsciously on purpose. Lock hadn"t also been together for a year, she"d made that plenty clean she wasn"t the marrying kind, and he still proposed!? He absolutely was in search of a method out."

It can not be also late to acquire some diving gear and also find that ring! store an eye the end for that canceled Bones spin-off while you"re down there.