In a most ways, ‘If ns Stay‘ is not your usual teen romance. That may also be thought about quietly extensive with the method it deals with themes the life and also death, and of course, cost-free will and fate. When the film may not precisely be her Nicholas Sparks type of romance, that does have actually a couple of things to say around love. V its distinctive premise, ‘If ns Stay’ provides an unusual and also moving story of a young girl suspended between life and death.

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The film additionally offers an exciting narrative format as that relies greatly on flashbacks and music come tell that is story. That centers approximately Mia Hall, who is played by Chloë grace Moretz, a talented young cellist with a love family, who desires of pursuing music in ~ the prestigious Juilliard. Mia is additionally in a loving relationship Adam (Jamie Blackley), a popular senior who plays because that a rock band.

But things take an regrettably turn as soon as a catastrophic automobile crash changes everything for Mia. She has actually an out-of-body suffer where she sees her own body lied in front of her, and also realizes the she is in a coma. She likewise experiences a destructive loss once she learns that her family passed away, and also that she is the sole survivor.

The remainder of the movie explores her conflict between a life without she family, or selecting to reunite through them in death. It is ultimately Adam’s last gesture in the hospital that makes Mia establish all that the future might hold, and she chooses life. However did Mia and Adam obtain their happily ever after? Well, since both of them room ambitious, and likewise growing up, it does do one wonder if they remained (together). Might there be much more in save for us? Here’s every little thing we know.

If I remain 2 release Date: will There be a Sequel?


‘If ns Stay’ is based upon Gayle Forman’s bestselling novel of the very same name that originally introduced Mia room to this world. The publication has a large fan-following, which additionally explains why the film as well was a significant success. That gained wide popularity with the young adult crowd, comparable to the love The error in our Stars received. Interestingly, both the stories check out love and mortality in ways that wasn’t discover earlier.

As mentioned above, ‘If ns Stay’ was a box-office success, grossing up to $78.9 million versus its budget of $11 million. However, the was not received particularly well through critics. The film received a rating the 35% on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 138 reviews, number of of i m sorry were median to negative. Both Shauna Cross’ screenplay, andR.J. Cutler’s direction to be criticized. And also it was largely believed that the film did not live upto its resource material.


Since there have actually been no talks or speculations about a sequel, the possibilities of acquiring one seem very unlikely. However, in 2011, Forman followedIf i Stay through a sequel titled, Where She Went. The novel bring away a time leap, and is told from the perspective of Adam, who is now Mia’s ex-boyfriend. The story renders use the flashbacks like the original. It complies with Adam and Mia break-up, after which she pipeline for Juilliard.Where She Went centers approximately their one night reunion in brand-new York, that takes them on one almostBefore Sunrise’ kind of adventure.

Interestingly, owing to the popularity of the publication series, there is a petition top top for a film adaptation ofWhere She Went.But this took place 5 year ago, and also yet, there have actually been no talks around making one. So, don’t host your breath top top it.However, if over there were ever to it is in a sequel, it would have solid resource material to it is in based on.

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In 2015, there were talks the a display adaption of an additional one that Forman’s work, titled, I was Here, whose rights were purchase by brand-new Line Cinema. However there have actually been no updates to this as well, which method any adaptation that Forman’s work-related seems improbable at the moment. Though if in ~ all us do acquire a sequel to ‘If i Stay’, we can hope because that it to premiere by 2025.