Reunited sisters, Lillian and Grace conference resistance against their just-open Orphanage native the townspeople. Having recently went back to town, Constable Gabriel reacquaints himself with neighbors. The town unites together regardless of potential danger once disaster strikes.

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Episode 2: from the Ashes

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Grace and also Lillian welcome Rosemary and also Lee Coulter from expect Valley. Nurse Maggie Parsons come in town. Tess’s tumultuous background with Lillian’s family complicates things and she proceeds to feud with one of her neighbors over absent livestock.

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Episode 3: out of the previous


New evidence points Gabriel towards a doubt in the town fire” top him to hunt because that a fugitive. Grace takes a second job to make money because that the orphanage, hope to use the funds to help make the stays of the youngsters in her care better than hair was growing up. Lillian make the efforts to repair fences through Tess. Maggie settles into her project at the infirmary.

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Episode 4: Lost and Found


Lillian searches because that an orphan"s family member. Gabriel meets challenge to challenge with the bank robber that tried to kill him. Grace and also Chuck flourish closer however Tess orchestrates a script to extinguish your romantic spark. Maggie helps Joe v an old shoulder injury.

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Episode 5: A residence United


Lillian and also Grace are placed to the test once a federal government worker come to check the orphanage and question Grace"s past. Tress pauses her endeavor to buy a truck once Ronnie demands her help.

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Episode 6: The Search


When a train robber is spotted close to Brookfield, Lillian and also Grace have to do every little thing in their strength to save the orphans safe. Nathan give visits. Tress interviews canididates because that a brand-new foreman. Maggie makes an interesting exploration at the infirmary.

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Episode 7: surprised

Lillian is figured out to surprise Grace on her birthday however has to get rid of the greatest obstacle of every - Grace! meanwhile Chuck takes among the orphans, Fred, under his wing in ~ the ranch. Gabriel pursues a witness to the financial institution robbery.

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Episode 8: around a Girl

A girlfriend from Grace"s past urges Grace come follow she longstanding dream of relocating to new York, while lining urges she to stay. Lillian situated Helen"s grandfather. Gabriel investigation right into the suspected band fraud raises questions about how Ronnie sponsor his hotel. Maggie helps a visitor.

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Episode 9: residence in Order

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Lillian sets off on a mission come clear her father indigenous blame over the town"s bridge collapse. Grace and Chuck"s relationship hits a turbulent patch. Gabriel proceeds his investigation into the financial institution fraud and enlists the aid of expect Valley"s Constable Nathan Grant.

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Episode 10: wherein Hope Goes

Danger is afoot when criminals arrive in Brookefield to wrap up loosened ends - which include targetting chaste people.