When is it sufficient to usage a list to organize data?A. As soon as the data is straightforward and can be organized in one tableB. When more than one human needs to access the dataC. Once data needs to it is in organized into two or more tablesD. All of the above

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A customer information table connected to an assignment table in a business database shows which kind of relationship?A. One-to-manyB. One-to-oneC. Many-to-oneD. Many-to-many
A process to ensure that data in a database is arranged most efficiently is calledA. CentralizationB. Data stagingC. IntegrationD. Normalization
Which that the following is NOT taken into consideration metadata?A. Database nameB. Data typeC. Field nameD. Field size
Data caught from websites as users navigate v a website is called A. Web-user dataB. Clickstream dataC. Staged dataD. Time-variant data
The type of database that would certainly be bet to store and organize video clips and also pictures is which of the following?A. Relational databaseB. Multidimensional databaseC. Object-oriented databaseD. Every one of the above
Which of the following is supplied to produce a momentary subset that data the matches details criteria?A. QueryB. FilterC. RequestD. Relationship
Which of the following data-mining techniques is offered to determine which data go together?A. ClassificationB. VisualizationC. ClusteringD. Affinity grouping
Unnecessary duplication of data in a database is referred to asA. Validated dataB. Normalized dataC. Data redundancyD. Data inconsistency
Which the the adhering to is a an approach of keying data into a transaction-processing mechanism which the transaction is acquisition place?A. Batch processingB. Real-time processingC. Intake processingD. All of the above
A ar phone labeling PHONE that accepts data such together (610) 555-1212 would usage the number data typeA. TrueB. False




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