Will There ever before Be a Yuri!!! On ice cream Season 2? Its been 4 years due to the fact that the anime"s early success, yet fans room still waiting for a second season — and a movie.

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Yuri!!! top top Ice is an original figure skating anime gift by studio MAPPA that took the anime ar by storm in fall of 2016. It ran for a solitary season of 12 episodes and features a well researched, magnificently man story about figure skating. The main focus of the present is top top the emotional connection between Yuri Katsuki and Victor Nikiforov as they grow as individuals and also develop a romantic partnership through a sport that castle both love. The overall reaction come the collection was overwhelmingly positive and a sequel was very anticipated. It also went on to win two Tokyo Anime Awards in 2017 because that Best animation in Television and also the audience voted pan Award. Unfortunately, the future of the collection since climate has come to be a bit unclear, despite a movie announcement.

The story follows Yuri, an worried 23 year-old and once-promising number skater formerly collection to represent Japan, currently struggling to fulfill his potential. Because of his age, Yuri"s window of chance is closing fast as that doesn"t have numerous years left to contend on a nationwide level. As soon as an old video of Yuri"s skating goes viral, the charismatic five-time human being Champion, Victor, paris to Japan v the intention of coaching Yuri for the figure Skating grand Prix.

While an official 2nd season was never ever announced, a movie — Yuri!!! on ice The Movie: ice cream Adolescence — about Victor"s at an early stage figure skating career to be slated because that a theater release in 2019 . However, due to the fact that that announcement, the movie has been delayed till further notice due to manufacturing changes. Meanwhile, any type of details around the movie are kept tightly under wraps. V a teaser trailer released back in 2018, no other information has actually been made accessible since then. While the studio has expressed interest in producing a 2nd season ~ the movie"s completion, the is unknown as soon as that will certainly be.

when the show garnered lot attention from anime fans, actual number skaters started paying attention, including Masato Kimura, Johnny Weir and also Evgeni Plushenko who have actually all admitted come watching the series and sung the praises, part even developing routines to song from the show"s soundtrack. Joseph Johnson, one more figure skater, walk the famous JJ style pose in ~ the 2017 U.S. Figure Skating Championships (at the 5:42 mark).

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With a fun, eccentric cast, great storytelling and solid focus ~ above a very human romantic relationship between two men, Yuri!!! top top Ice successfully captured the attention of anime and non-anime fans alike. The sport was highly researched with the computer animation stunning come watch, making it all the an ext entertaining. With its success, it"s tough to think that this will certainly be the critical we see of Yuri and also Victor. While information about season 2 remains unknown, fans can be assured that there is a movie top top the way, however it will require much more patience until its release. At the really least, we understand that there is more content come look forward to.