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I don"t frequently talk around work this way, yet this requirements to be shown/addressed. Mainly because it"s hysterical however partially since I"m offended lol Anywho, this particular day I had a table of 4 come in. Two couples. The one told me they were there to celebrate component of their honeymoon, i m sorry I replied "oh i just obtained married last month, congratulations." ns assumed castle heard me, and we proceeded v the whole "what have the right to I get you" yada yada yada. Well, together anyone need to know, waitressing is a personable job. To make money you have to be nice, and show girlfriend personality. As every one of you must know, because you understand me, I"m a personable, sarcastic asshole in the nicest method possible. For this reason ofcourse ns let the shine in mine job, and at EVERY table.
So, this lady (Jenny) and her husband ar their order and also she asks me what my name is. Ns tell she "Jessica" she responds with, "oh, we don"t really choose that name. Have the right to we speak to you Jess" and I laughed and also said "yeah, girlfriend can speak to me anything girlfriend want. I"ll even respond through asshole." In which her husband laughs and also proceeds to contact me that throughout the entirety experience we had as server and guests. I assumed everything was fine, due to the fact that they to be laughing and having a great time. Well ns cash out their check, phone call them have a great night and also to come back. Once I come earlier from to sing "happy birthday" to an additional guest, the couple and company have left, and on one ticket lock tipped me $4, well Jenny made decision I did not deserve a monetary tip, therefore she composed me a pretty note, with a $0 pointer saying "he"s mine husband, find your own. Great luck. And I desire to add, Jenny stole mine one pen, which she knew to be my last since I had actually apologized that ns only had the one to share in between the 2 tickets at the table.

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So, dear Jenny, ns would choose you to know, the server that was in the section across from mine, that I maintained talking to and checking on throughout the moment of you sit at my table IS my HUSBAND. Which I discovered on my own, and looks much better than yours. Also, i would like you to recognize that I"m sorry MY HUSBAND treated me to a cruise because that my honeymoon and not a restaurant. Also as, mine HUSBAND would never let me feeling so insecure the I would feel the must write such a destructive note to a server and make them feel the means you have. Therefore Jenny, here"s a life pointer for friend from me, her insecurity as a woman is heartbreaking. Have pride in yourself and your relationship with your husband to where you don"t have to put one more down to lug yourself up. Particularly a server who stays off her tips and needs them to aid her husband salary bills. Also, Jenny, i hope you choose the pen, because it"s my existing to you. One NEWLYWED to another. P.S - my husband stated you have the right to sit in his section following time that method you won"t need to be so worried about your husband "flirting" v a server. Possibly you"ll see his ring a little far better than you observed mine.Signed, Jessica The mrs you offended by reasoning so lowly of, the I would certainly attempt come flirt through a guy who is with his wife.