Former Tennessee volunteer running earlier Jalen Hurd announced Saturday that he will deliver to Baylor.

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Hurd do the news main with the following tweet:

The Hendersonville, Tennessee, aboriginal rushed for 451 yards and also three touchdowns come go v 81 receiving yards and also two touchdowns because that the Vols last season.

Bruce Feldman that Fox sporting activities reported Hurd will play receiver with the Bears.

Hurd announced his intention to carry in October.

In a tweet the has because been deleted, Hurd explained his decision in November.

According come Jon Garcia that The Tennessean, Hurd said he experienced "multiple injuries this year the were not and also should not have been disclosed," and also that attack adjustments to fit his strengths "did not occur on a continuous enough basis."

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While Hurd struggled in 2016, he was a key contributor for the Vols in 2015 v 1,285 rushing yards and also 14 attack touchdowns.

Hurd will join a Baylor team that shed No. 1 recipient KD Cannon come the NFL draft. However, Hurd will not be obtainable until 2018, as he must sit out one year before completing his an elderly campaign through the Bears.

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