100% solved, acquire the exactly answer for – Which address does a NIC use when deciding even if it is to accept a frame?

Which address does a NIC use once deciding even if it is to accept a frame?

source IP addressdestination MAC addresssource Ethernet addresssource MAC addressdestination IP address

Correct Answer

The exactly Answer for this inquiry is:

2. Destination MAC address

This is tough to uncover the right answer, but we have found the exactly answer for you. The correct answer is obtainable for this. Which address does a NIC use when deciding even if it is to expropriate a frame? Question. For much more information, you have the right to follow ours blog and get an ext updates about NIC.

You will view the different options during her exam, but the correct answer will be the same; just tick top top the correct answer mentioned “destination MAC address“ and get full marks.

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location MAC address Which resolve does a NIC use Which deal with does a NIC use when deciding whether to accept a frame?
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