Wellness Pharmaceuticals has actually released a new antidepressant, Lexabuzac. Which type of monopoly does the firm most likely have actually on this medication?

d. Technical monopoly

The industry for which item generally entails pure competition?

b. Corn

Which ideal describes exactly how the government allows government monopolies to exist?

c. Through creating and also running a monopoly

Who sets the price in a monopolistic competition?

a. Producers and also consumers

The lack of competition within a monopoly means that

d. Monopolists collection their very own price.

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Why is competition restricted in one oligopoly?

a. High entry prices prevent brand-new producers from entering the market.

Which is an instance of a government syndicate in the united States?

a. The us Postal Service

______________ is the term provided to define the amount of regulate or influence that consumers have on a market.


Why is the car industry thought about an oligopoly?

b. The has far-reaching barriers to entry. E. It counts on brand loyalty and image to create sales. F. It is overcame by a few key players.

When one oligopoly exists, how plenty of producers dominate the market?

c. A few

____________ is the form of competition the occurs in a competitive industry without similar producers.


In pure competition, producers complete exclusively ~ above the communication of

a. Sell similar items.

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Natural monopolies occur when one producer

a. Can accomplish the market’s entire demand.

In the joined States, which form of industry is frequently considered component of an oligopoly?

b. Cell phone carriers

Which ideal describes how the government sanctions technological monopolies?

c. By issuing a patent for the technology

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