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The phosphorus cycle walk not include a gas phase, resulting in no far-ranging quantities the atmospheric phosphorus.

Correct answer:

The phosphorus cycle walk not include a gaseous phase, resulting in no far-ranging quantities of atmospheric phosphorus.


The phosphorus cycle does not contain one atmospheric phase, when both the sulfur and nitrogen cycles do.


The reservoir that phosphorus in ecosystems is rock, whereby it is bound come oxygen in the kind of phosphate. Together phosphate-rich rocks are exposed and eroded, rainwater dissolves the phosphate. Dissolved phosphate is abosrbed through the roots of plants. Animals eat the plants and also after they die decomposers return the phosphorus that remains in the dead bodies ago to the soil and also water. It may then it is in reincorporated right into rock. 


All the the other cycles have actually at the very least one atmospheric component in their systems. The carbon bike incorporates carbon dioxide in the photosynthesis section of its cycle. The sulfur bicycle incorporates gas sulfur dioxide as soon as it is released by volcano eruptions. The water cycle has the condensation of clouds in the atmosphere and also the precipitation of those clouds as well. The nitrogen bike incorporates atmospheric nitrogen gas before it is fixed by cyanobacteria. Only the phosphorus cycle walk not have a phosphorus containing link in the setting that is crucial for life ~ above Earth. 

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