l>Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cables

Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cables

There are a many issues and problems associated with the initial 40-conductor concept cable, due to its an extremely old and also not an extremely robustdesign. Unterminated level ribbon cables have actually never been all that an excellent in terms of signalquality and dealing v reflections from the end of the cable. The warts the the olddesign to be tolerable when signaling speed on the IDE/ATA user interface were relatively low,but together the rate of the interface ongoing to increase, the constraints of the cable werefinally too good to it is in ignored.

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In the ATA/ATAPI-4 standard that presented the Ultra DMA transfer mode set, a new cable was introduced toreplace the old standby: the 80-conductor IDE/ATA cable. The name is important:the brand-new cable has actually 80 conductors (wires)--it walk not have 80 pins oneach connector, though, just 40. This way that the brand-new cable is pin-compatible with theold drive. No readjust has to be made to the IDE/ATA connectors, as well as the color-codingissue (see below).

The apparent question, the course, is this: what"s the allude of including 40 extra wires toa cable if they aren"t associated to anything? :^) Well because that starters, the 40 wires areconnected to something, just not their very own pins ~ above the user interface connectors. The extra 40wires don"t carry new information, castle are simply used to different the "real" 40signal wires, to alleviate interference and other signaling problems connected withhigher-speed transfers. Therefore the 40 extra conductors are connected to ground, interspersedbetween the initial 40 conductors that the old cable. Any kind of stray signals the would"cross-talk" between surrounding wires on the 40-conductor cable are"absorbed" by this extra ground wires, enhancing signal integrity. The extraground wires have the right to be either all of the even-numbered wires, or all of the odd-numberedwires in the cable.

There are a number of other attributes and also characteristics the the 80-conductor cable,which I"m walk to perform in bullet type for simpler absorption: Requirement: The 80-conductor cable was an initial defined through the original Ultra DMA settings 0, 1 and 2, spanning transfer speeds up to 33.3 MB/s. The cable is thought about "optional" for those modes. However, for any type of Ultra DMA modes over mode 2, the 80-conductor cable is mandatory. Connector Assignments and also Color Coding: because that the very first time, the 80-conductor cable defines particular roles for each the the connectors ~ above the cable; the older cable walk not. Color coding of the connectors is provided to make it simpler to recognize which connector goes through each device: Blue: The blue connector attaches to the organize (motherboard or controller). Gray: The gray connector is in the middle of the cable, and also goes to any slave (device 1) drive if current on the channel.
A conventional 80-conductor Ultra DMA IDE/ATA user interface cable. Note the blue, gray and black connectors, and also the 80 slim wires. The red noting on cable #1 is still present (but difficult to watch in this photo.)

Width: regardless of the extra 40 wires, the 80-conductor cable is about the exact same width together a 40-conductor cable--which is good, due to the fact that the current width is difficult enough to work-related with. :^) This little bit of "magic" is achieved by using thinner, lower-gauge wires within the cable.
A to compare of the wires offered in 80-conductor and 40-conductor cables. The 80-conductor cable is about the very same width together the older style since thinner gauge wires are supplied to make up the ribbon.

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Aside indigenous the above, the cable have the right to be treated the same way as a 40-conductor cable.Since the is of higher quality, it can be offered in location of a 40-conductor cable in oldersystems without any kind of issues. However, it does not directlyreplace a 40-conductor cable pick cable. Note likewise that the 18" lengthrestriction associated with the original 40-conductor cable applies to this variation aswell.