The element which is most likely to be many brittle is selenium.The other options, cobalt, platinum, and also zinc, room all complete metals, whereas selenium is a half-metal, or metalloid. 

option (a) is the exactly answer.

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Metals space malleable and also ductile whereas non-metals are brittle in nature.

Out of the given options cobalt, platinum and zinc space all metals except selenium which is a non-metal.

Being a non-metal, selenium is brittle in nature.

Thus, we can conclude that selenium is likely to be the many brittle the end of the provided options.

Answer is: selenium (Se).

Black selenium (allotrope modification) is irregular, complex, brittle and also lustrous solid.

The commercial usage for selenium is glassmaking.

Selenium is an aspect (nonmetal) through atomic number 34 (34 protons and 34 electrons)-

Electronic construction of selenium atom: ₃₄Se 1s²2s²2p⁶3s²3p⁶3d¹⁰4s²4p⁴.


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