Atomic number of hydrogen is 1 and one dot in that lewis structure displays only one electron. So, in bespeak to complete its octet it requirements one much more electron.

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Atomic number of carbon is 6 and its electronic distribution is 2, 4. Carbon demands 4 more electrons in order to finish its octet.

Atomic number of oxygen is 8 and its electronic circulation is 2, 6. In bespeak to finish octet, oxygen demands 2 an ext electrons.

Atomic variety of fluorine is 9 and also its electronic circulation is 2, 7. In stimulate to complete octet, fluorine needs 1 more electron.

Hence, we can conclude that out of the offered options, lewis dot structure of oxygen atom demands 2 much more electrons in that outermost shell.


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Lewis period diagram is likewise termed together the Lewis structure. It illustrates the bonding between atoms of a molecule. (H) hydrogen requirements 1 an ext electron  (C)carbon needs 4 more electrons  (O) oxygen demands 2 more electrons  (F) flourine demands 1 more electronThe is letter C.
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As an ext resistors are added in parallel throughout a constant voltage source, over there are more paths for present to take. So more current dribbles out of the source, and the complete current supplied by the resource increases.

The power supplied by the battery is (voltage) x (current). Therefore if the voltage is consistent and the current increases, the power being supplied must additionally increase.


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(shaun) xs = 0 + vs*t

(keegan) xk= 68 - vk*t

they meet after t= 4hours (xs=xk):

vs*t= 68-vk*t

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The is B since that that will make it an ext powerful but less lasting.

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