Which list below explains a feasible course of rain via the water cycle?

The process that defines a feasible path of rain through the water cycle is: evaporation, condensation, precipitation, runoff.

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What parts do evaporation condensation and precipitation play in the water cycle?

Condensation is essential to the water cycle because it is responsible for the formation of clouds. These clouds may develop precipitation, which is the major route for water to go back to the Earth’s surchallenge within the water cycle. Condensation is the opposite of evaporation.

What comes first condensation or evaporation?

Evaporation is the adjust of state of water (a liquid) to water vapor (a gas). Condensation is the process wbelow water vapor (a gas) transforms right into water droplets (a liquid). This is when we start to watch clouds.

What are the applications of evaporation?

Applications of evaporation in our daily life

evaporation of water from the. surchallenge of a pond .preparing process of prevalent salt. as soon as we sweat,the sweat. cooling of water in matkas(earthen pot)once we drink hot tea in a saucer.Drying of clothes.functioning procedure of desert coolers.Evaopration of acetone when,we apply on palm and feel cool.

What is the main cause of evaporation?

Evaporation happens as soon as a liquid substance becomes a gas. When water is heated, it evaporates. The molecules move and also vibrate so quickly that they escape into the atmosphere as molecules of water vapor. Heat from the sun, or solar energy, powers the evaporation process.

What are the 2 forms of evaporation?

Vaporization is the procedure by which a liquid is turned right into a gas. The two types of vaporization are evaporation and boiling. Evaporation describes the surchallenge of a body of liquid turning into gas, such as a drop of water on the concrete turning into a gas on a warm day.

What are the disadvantages of evaporation?

The primary disbenefits of evaporation are high capital, energy and also maintenance costs; big size of apparatus; amplified temperatures; corrosion problems; and scaling or foaming.

What are the 4 factors affecting evaporation?

They include:

temperature of the liquid. A cup of warm water will certainly evapoprice more conveniently than a cup of cold water.exposed surconfront location of the liquid. visibility or absence of various other substances in the liquid. air activity. concentration of the evaporating substance in the air.

What are the factors affecting evaporation describe through examples?

The rate of evaporation is influenced by the complying with factors: Temperature: The rate of evaporation boosts with a rise in temperature. Surconfront area: The rate of evaporation boosts with an increase in surconfront area. Humidity: The amount of water vapour current in the air is dubbed humidity.

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What is evaporation and also its factors?

Evaporation is the procedure of a liquid turning into gas because of absorption of warm. determinants affecting evaporation are: Temperature Surconfront area of the liquid exposed to the environment Wind speed and Humidity.