Which of the following is not among the 3 basic financial questions?A. What happens as soon as you add to or subtract from a present situation?B. For whom to produce?C. How to produce?D. What to produce?

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Which of the following does not illustrate chance cost?A. If I research, I must give up going to the footsphere game.B. If I buy a computer system, I should perform without a 35" TV C. More consumer spfinishing currently indicates more spending later D. If I spend even more on clothing, I should spfinish less on food.
Which of the complying with would be most likely to reason the production possibilities curve for computer systems and education to change outward?A. A choice of more computer systems and much less education B. A option of even more education and much less computersC. A reduction in the labor force D. An increase in quantity of resources
On a production possibilities curve a readjust from financial inefficiency to financial performance is derived by: A. Movement alengthy the curve B. Movement from external the frontier to a suggest on the curveC. Movement from a suggest inside the frontier to a point on the curve D. A adjust in the slope of the curve
One of the presumptions underlying the manufacturing possibilities curve for any type of given economy is that: A. The state of technology B. Movement from exterior the frontier to a allude on the curveC. Movement from a allude inside the frontier to a suggest on the curve.D.. A readjust in the slope of the curve
Any point on the production possibilities curve illustrates:A. Minimum production combicountries B. Maximum production combicountries C. Economic growthD, A nonfeasible manufacturing combination
A manufacturing possibilities curve has "good x" on the horizontal axis and also "excellent y" on the vertical axis. On this diagram, the opportunity cost of good x, in regards to excellent y, is represented by the:A. Distance to the curve from the horizontal axisB. Distance to curve from the vertical axisC. Movement along the curve D. Namong the above
As production of a good boosts, opportunity expenses increase because: A. Tbelow will certainly be even more inefficiencyB. People always choose having actually more goodsC. Of inflationary pressures D. Workers are not equally suited to all tasks
Which of the following would be the majority of likely to reason the manufacturing opportunity curve for tanks and cars to change outward:A. A reduction in the labor pressure B. A choice of more tanks and fewer cars C. A option of more cars and fewer tanks D. An boost in the amount of natural resources
Which of the complying with reasons economic growth?A. C and also DB. D and E C. The manufacturing of even more scarce products D. A technical innovation E. The manufacturing of more resources goods
A source of financial growth is:A. Unemployment B. InefficiencyC. Less resourcesD. Greater entrepreneurship
Investment refers to the process of accumulating: A. Capital goodsB. Consumer goodsC. MoneyD. Stocks and bonds
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