Which of the adhering to statements is a characteristics of social media (SM) user communities?A. SM user communities are mostly based on geographic and also familial ties.B. A viral hook is one inducement come constrain communications in between user communities.C. In community SM website relationships, the relationship in second-tier areas are disassociated from first-tier users.D. Many users the SM belong come several various user communities.

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________ in the paper definition of management way loss of control of employees. Divergence Dependence development Transcendence
Which that the complying with statements is true about viral hooks in a society media (SM) site? it is supplied to restrain information leaks from an organization. It is offered to enhance an organization"s privacy ~ above its SM sites. That is designed to root out customers who post junk content on an organization"s SM site. It is an inducement to pass communication along the tiers the a community.
In the context of the five components of social media info systems (SMIS), which of the adhering to statements is true of social media (SM) providers?They space informal, evolving, and also socially oriented. They rental browsers and also native mobile applications come store and retrieve connection data. Lock usually procedure SM sites utilizing desktops, laptops, and also smartphones. Lock store and also retrieve SM data on instead of of users.
Which the the adhering to is a usage of social media (SM) in human being resources?It is supplied to identify performance incentives. It is used for terminating employees. The is offered to save track the employees" an individual lives. It is provided for recruiting candidates.
Which that the adhering to statements is true of social networking problems?A. If problematic content represents reasonable criticism that the organization"s products, the best response is to delete it.B. Responses to problematic content are ideal reserved because that instances whereby it has caused an organization to perform something positive.C. The product breakthrough team must not receive objections posted on a social networking site.D. Inappropriate contributions the contain venomous or otherwise inappropriate content must be ignored indefinitely.
Responses to problematic contents are best reserved for instances whereby it has caused an organization to do something positive.
A person gains social resources by ________.A. Removing human being who have less society capitalB. Including only work friendsC. Adding much more friendsD. Removing unknown friends
Platforms that permit the creation of society networks, or social relationships among people with common interests, are available by social media ________.A. UsersB. ProvidersC. SponsorsD. Communities
________ is the usage of information modern technology to assistance the share of content among networks of users.A. Cloud computingB. Electronic data interchangeC. Data warehousingD. Society media
Which the the following indicates a danger of utilizing social media in human being resources?A. Identify employee performance with social mediaB. Recruiting employees because that vacant tasks only v social media and not otherwiseC. Research employee personal and society life through social mediaD. Do errors in forming conclusions around employees with social media
________ is data around relationships.A. Connection dataB. Resources dataC. Contents dataD. Interaction data
Patronizing responses to comment from contents contributors deserve to generate a ________.A. Strong backlashB. Forgiveness appealC. Optimistic reviewD. Climb in followers count
Which of the complying with statements is a function of society media (SM) providers?A. They sponsor content on SM sites.B. They do not assistance custom software program for lengthy durations as it is expensive.C. They typically charge users a patent fee to usage their applications.D. They usage elastic, cloud-based servers to host SM presence.
Value chains determine ________.A. Society media"s flowB. Structured service processesC. Unstructured organization processesD. Society media"s requirements
Which the the complying with statements is true of using social media to development organizational strategies?A. Establishments whose business strategy involves selling to developer networks room the last to adopt SM-based customer support.B. The unpredictability that dynamic processes prefer social media is motivated in supply chains.C. Users who have actually no financial inspiration are ready to administer reviews come the buyer community.D. Resolving supply chain problems via social media reinforces an organization"s sense of privacy.
Social media"s flow cannot be designed or diagrammed together it is very ________.A. StaticB. SimpleC. ConfoundingD. Dynamic
Social media (SM) ________ room formed based upon mutual interests and also transcend familial, geographic, and also organizational boundaries.A. DashboardsB. OutletsC. CollaboratorsD. Communities
________ describes data and also responses come data the are contributed by users and also SM sponsors.A. Practice dataB. Contents dataC. Resources dataD. Link data
In the context of the five components of social media information systems (SMIS), which of the adhering to statements is true of society media (SM) procedures?A. Informality makes SMIS an overwhelming to use.B. Organizations develop and also operate their very own custom, proprietary, social networking application software.C. They process SM sites making use of elastic, cloud-based servers.D. They space informal, evolving, and also socially oriented.
A(n) ________ social networking company like Yammer deserve to be offered to carry out managers through real-time feedback about how to resolve inner operational inefficiencies.A. MicrobloggingB. EnterpriseC. PollingD. Media sharing
Being connected to a network of highly regarded contact is a kind of ________.A. NepotismB. An individual reinforcementC. Society credentialD. Mobility
Internal personnel society media sites such together MySite and also MyProfile in SharePoint and also other similar enterprise solution are used for ________.A. Employee recruitmentB. Employee communicationC. Employee evaluationD. Employee termination
Which that the complying with statements is true of social capital?A. Being linked into social networks undermines a professional"s image and also position in an organization.B. The value of social capital is figured out by the number of relationships in a society network.C. Social capital is an invest in human being knowledge and an abilities for future profit.D. Social resources can be gained by limiting the variety of friends.

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Which that the complying with statements is true of society customer relationship administration (CRM)? each customer crafts his or her very own relationship through a company. Relationships between organizations and also customers space unchanging. Sales managers can control what a customer is reading about a company and that products. Customers that are most likely to make the highest purchases are likely to obtain the many attention.
Social media (SM) ________ utilize SM web page to build social relationships.A. UsersB. NewsroomsC. ProvidersD. Outlets
A on facebook user likes pages of various institutions on Facebook. The reality that the user has actually liked a particular organization is an example of ________.A. User responseB. Contents dataC. Link dataD. Data contribution
________ is a dynamic social media process of employing individuals to get involved in product design or product redesign.A. Social capitalizationB. Cooperation product developmentC. CrowdsourcingD. Functional product development
A ________ is a statement the delineates employees" rights and responsibilities in an organization.A. Society media policyB. Statement of purposeC. This firm datasheetD. Job bill
Social media (SM) neighborhoods differ from continuous communities because ________.A. Castle are based upon mutual understanding of usersB. They space based only on business boundariesC. Most civilization belong to a single communityD. The total number of its individuals is figured out by the sum of the sizes of all its communities
Since that is inception, social media (SM) has actually been widely supplied to market commodities to end users in ________.A. Improving communication networks within one organizationB. Business-to-consumer (B2C) relationshipsC. Business-to-business (B2B) relationshipsD. Promoting brand awareness