Music Appreciation exam 4 classic Era

What is a music Idea used as a structure block in a composition? A theme
What is development of a theme using sport in it's melodic outline, rhythm or harmony? Thematic Development
What is the the smallest melodic or rhythmic unit that a theme? A motive
Absolute music is explained as....

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No prescribed story or message to organize the music together. The story is the music itself.
The classic era is regularly referred to together what? The Rococo Era
What is melody centric? What the classical era is often referred come as... \\b definition single melodic line with a straightforward chordal accompaniment (homophony) \\b
What is conventional multimovement cycle three or four movements in prescribed forms and also tempos
The first Movement the the usual multi-movement bike is typically in what form? Sonata-allegro form
The second Movement the the typical multi-movement bike is characterized by what? Usually a sluggish movement defined by lyrical melodies and is in a shortened sonata form or a theme and variations
The third Movement is normally in what form? often in a dance type and most commonly the minuet and also trio
which dance type usually has actually two contrasting dances through the return of the very first dance come conclude the set. Minuet and also Trio
What creates were the 4th Movement the the usual multi-movement cycle usually in? another sonata-allegro type or a spirited rondo.
Sonata-allegro form's three main sections were dubbed what? 1) exposition 2) breakthrough 3) Recapitulation
Which part of the Sonata-allegro type stated the 2 opposing themes and also their keys? exposition
Which component of the sonata-allegro form features the most tension and also drama through modulation and motivic interplay? development
Which component of the sonata-allegro type restates the very first and second themes, both in the tonic key, and also is the psychological climax of the form? recapitulation
Which genre grew in the classical era, having it's 'Golden Age'? Chamber Music
*Chamber Music is an ensemble for how numerous players? How plenty of players per part? ensemble music for two to around ten performers, with one player every part
The cable Quartet is comprised of what? two violins, viola, and cello
The cable Quartet in the classic Era was considered.... the most important chamber music genre that the era.
*Joseph Hayden operated where? exactly how old was he? he functioned under the patronage that the Esterhazy court in the timeless Era in ~ the age of 29.
What/Who's wire Quartet was written for the emperor, coming to be the national anthem the Germany? Hayden's wire Quartet Op. 76, No. 3
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was most well known for what? for being a son prodigy who began to create music before the period of five.
What 6 genre's walk Mozart contribute to? the symphony, sonata, chamber music, concerto, sacred music, and various types of operas.
Who's music is significant for lyrical melodies, colorful orchestration, and dramatic content? Mozart's music
Who to be a choir young of Vienna? Joseph Hayden
Joseph Hayden got phenomenal musical success after indigenous what? from 2 trips come England.
Mozart rebelled against what? What to be the result? he rebelled versus the Patronage system, and struggled to attain financial independence.
Mozart passed away at what age? 35 year old.
Which genre to be the central position in chamber music of the timeless era? the cable Quartet
Which serenade's very first movement, by Mozart, is a an excellent example of the sonata-allegro form? Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, i (A little Night Music)
Classical Symphony had actually its root where? in the Italian opera overture
How many movements to be in the Pre-Classical Symphonies? three movements
The three activities of the Pre-Classical Symphonies were derived from where? the fast-slow-fast sections of the Italian opera overture
What form of music has no prescribed story or text to host the music together and also the story is the music? Absolute Music
The conventional Multi-movement cycle is regularly employed in what genres? the Symphony, the Sonata, the string Quartet, the Concerto and many other miscellaneous genres
Which activity of the common multi-movement bicycle is generally the most highly organized and also the longest movement? the first movement that the typical multi-movement cycle
The minuet and also trio was changed by what? When? the scherzo replaced this by the early on 19th century
Which ar came 1st in the sonata-allegro form? exposition
Which ar came 2nd in the sonata-allegro form? development
Which section came third in the sonata-allegro form? recapitulation
What genre was considered the most important Chamber Music of the classical era? Chamber Music
What is a rocket theme? the usage of quick, wild rhythmic theme climbing from low to high register
What is the steamroller effect? drawn the end crescendos, gradually gathering pressure as they climbed to a climax
What to be 3 of the main contributions to the timeless symphony do by composers in Mannheim, Germany? the rocket theme, steamroller effect and the addition of the minuet and trio developing a 4 activity cycle.
What was the number of players typically in a timeless Orchestra? 30-40 players
What ar was the 'heat' that the timeless orchestra? the wire section
How countless movements were frequently in the timeless Symphony? 4 movements
What form was the first movement the the timeless Symphony in? sonata-allegro form
The second movement that the classical Symphony was commonly in what form? Slow, and also usually in among the following: theme and variation, modified sonata-allegro, or, many typically, in three-part A-B-A form.
The third movement that the classical Symphony was generally a what? a minuet and also trio (replaced by schirzo by finish of the classic era)
The 4th movement the the classic Symphony was normally what pace and also in what form? Usually quick in sonata-allegro kind or a rondo, serving as the finale.
What nick name did Hayden receive? "Father that the Symphony"
Who was the "Father of the Symphony"? Joseph Hayden
How plenty of works did he contribute to the classical Symphony? over 100
What did Beethoven perform after rejected Patronage and also how did he assistance himself financially? he came to be a freelance musician and supported self by teaching music lessons.
What did Beethoven suffer from later in life? Hearing loss
How plenty of symphonies walk Beethoven produce? Why to be this still taken into consideration significant? Beethoven produced 9 symphonies, however all were considered the pinnacle the the genre
Which composer's compositional development lead right into the Romantic era? Beethoven
How countless forms does the classical concerto have and also what's the temp? three activities that alternate fast-slow-fast
What is one of the unique features the the solo concerto? the cadenza
What is the cadenza? A somewhat improvised solo passage the interrupts the activity towards the end.
What result does the cadenza have? How? The cadenza has actually a dramatic effect: the orchestra falls silent and the soloist launches right into a free play that fantasy ~ above one or an ext themes that the movement
What go the hatchet concerto imply? the the opposite of two dissimilar elements, such together soloist, or solo group, vs one orchestra
What is the very first movement that the timeless Concerto form? sometimes explained as a sonata-allegro kind with a twin exposition... The orchestra usually plays the very first exposition v the soloist play the second.

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Who usually plays the first exposition in the first movement that the timeless Concerto? the Orchestra
Who usually plays the second exposition in the first movement of the classical Concerto? the soloist
The second movement of the classic Concerto is usually at what tempo? What kind of melodies does it generally feature? Slow, generally Andante, adagio, or largo, featuring songlike melodies
What space the qualities describing the third movement of the classical Concerto? Really fast, with a temp the Allegro or Presto. Usually much shorter than the first movement, in rondo form. Often functions a cadenza that brings the item to an end.
What frequently highlights the virtuosity the the soloist in timeless Concertos? the cadenza
Classical Sonatas were set for whom? one solo tool (often the piano forte), or because that duos
Who's sonata's to be the most essential in key-board literature? Beethoven's and also Mozart's
How many piano sonatas walk Beethoven write? Beethoven composed 32 piano sonatas
What to be the leading choral develops of the classical era? Mass, Requiem Mass, and oratorio
A musical setting of the most solemn company of the roman inn Catholic Church is called, what? Mass
What is a musical setup for the dead called? Requiem Mass
What is the genre that is generally concentrated on a biblical story called? oratorio
Serious Opera is called what? Opera seria
What was comic opera referred to as in Italy? opera buffa
What to be comic opera called in Germany? Singspiel
What was comic opera referred to as in France? opera comique
What to be comic opera referred to as in England? ballad or conversation opera
What changed about choral music native the Baroque era to the classical era? these genres to be no longer specifically performed in the church and found their method into the concert hall
Opera to be popular throughout what era? the classical era
Which opera form featured recitatives and arias? opera seria
The recitatives and also arias featured in opera seria were particularly designed to execute what? display the virtuosity the the star singers
Who reformed opera seria, creating a extremely expressive drama v a the majority of crows appeal? Gluck
What layout of opera prospered in every countries? comic operas
Which social class was the opera seria renowned for? aristocrats
What to be the an answer of the aristocratic opera seria? comic operas
Which social class was the comic opera renowned for? middle class
What language were comic operas usually in? the vernacular
Who had a central role in the comic operas? the buffo
Who was the buffo? A buffoon who spoke the the audience in a bass voice
what tonality to be the buffo's voice? bass