Which that the complying with is a present value technique of evaluating capital investment proposals?A. Average Rate of ReturnB. Cash Payback MethodC. Bookkeeping Rate of ReturnD. Net present Value

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When several alternate investment suggest of the same amount are being considered, the one through the biggest net present value is the many desirable. If the alternative proposals indicate different amounts of investment, that is helpful to prepare a loved one ranking the the proposals by making use of a(n):A. Average Rate of ReturnB. Customer Price IndexC. Current Value IndexD. Price-level Index
Which of the complying with is no an benefit of the average rate of return method?A. That is easy to useB. It takes into factor to consider the time value of moneyC. It has the quantity of earnings earned end the whole life the the proposalD. That emphasizes audit income
A agency is contemplating investing in a new piece of manufacturing machinery. The amount to be invest is $170,000. The present value that the future cash flows is $185,000. The company" preferred rate that return used in the existing value calculations to be 10%. I m sorry of the complying with statements is true?A. The project have to not be accepted due to the fact that the net existing value is negativeB. The interior rate of return top top the job is less than 10%C. The interior rate of return ~ above the task is an ext than 10%D. The interior rate of return on the task is same to 10%
Which method for analyzing capital invest proposals to reduce the expected future network cash flows originating from the proposals to their current values and also computes a net existing value?A. Net existing ValueB. Average Rate that Return C. Internal Rate that ReturnD. Cash Payback
A measure of benefit computed by dividing the median operating earnings that an legacy generates through the median amount of the investment in the asset
The decision version that computes the meant net monetary acquire or loss indigenous a job by discounting all supposed future cash inflows and outflows come their existing value, utilizing a minimum wanted rate the return




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