The appropriate side the the T account is called thea. Credit side.b. Balance side.c. Debit side.d. Entrance side.

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On in march 13, Henson company purchased offers on account because that $560. I beg your pardon of the complying with is the correct journal entry for this transaction?a.Cash 560 gives 560b.Supplies 560 account Payable 560c.Supplies cost 560 Cash 560d.Supplies price 560 accounts Payable 560
Horizontal evaluation of earnings statementsa. Shows alters in separation, personal, instance asset, liability, and equity items end time.b. Compare individual earnings statement items to those ~ above the earnings statements of other companies.c. Shows individual revenue and expense items together a percent of net income.d. Offers the earlier income statement as the base for computing percentage changes.
Which of the complying with statements will not result in the trial balance being unequal?a. A debit that $400 was incorrectly posted come Supplies rather of offers Expense.b. A debit of $400 to provides was fully omitted.c. A debit the $400 was erroneously posted together a credit transaction of $400 come Supplies.d. A debit that $400 was posted to offers as a debit of $40.
When preparing correcting entriesa. The erroneous entry have to be combined with the correcting entry.b. The erroneous entry is never ever reversed.c. The erroneous entry need to be reversed.d. Nobody of these choices are correct.
The left side of the T account is referred to as thea. Credit side.b. Balance side.c. Debit side.d. Entry side.
When a transaction is journalized, i beg your pardon account is noted first?a. The account to be creditedb. The legacy accountc. The legal responsibility accountd. The account to be debited
The agency paid dividend of $3,000. I beg your pardon of the adhering to is the newspaper entry the company should record?a.Common stock 3,000 Cash 3,000b.Dividends 3,000 Fees earn 3,000c.Dividends 3,000 Cash 3,000d. No entrance is required.
The firm paid dividends of $3,000. I m sorry of the complying with is the journal entry the firm should record?a.Common share 3,000 Cash 3,000b.Dividends 3,000 Fees earn 3,000c.Dividends 3,000 Cash 3,000d. No entry is required.
Horizontal analysis of an earnings statementa. Shows individual income and also expense items together a portion of network income.b. Supplies the many recent year together the basic year.c. To compare the lot of every item top top a current income statement through the very same item on an earlier income statement.d. To compare individual income statement item to market norms.

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The unadjusted trial balance is prepareda. After the newspaper entries room posted.b. Only if errors room suspected.c. Prior to posting the journal entries.d. Before determining the account balance in the ledger.
What is the ending balance of the following account ~ above April 30? accounts PayablePayments 2,000 Apr. 1 Bal. 4,250 purchases 1,250a. $3,500 creditb. $5,250 creditc. $3,500 debitd. $5,500 credit