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As a PMP candidate you must have a firm grasp on what constitutes a project. Which one of the following is no an attribute that a project?

A. Definite beginning date

B. Has no definite end date

C. Create a product, service, or result

D. Requires resources

B. A job does have actually a definite end date; operations perform not.

A, C, and also D room all incorrect since projects do have actually a definite beginning date; they do produce a distinctive product, service, or alters to an environment; and all projects require resources.

You room a task manager because that Johnson Keyboards, Inc. Your company has adapted the PMBOK guide as a standard device for exactly how projects have to operate, and also you are associated in shaping the standardization for all future projects. In light of this information, what is the recommended course of action for the processes and also procedures in the PMBOK Guide?

A. Not all processes and also procedures in the PMBOK guide are actually compelled on all projects.

B. All processes and procedures are to be complied with as identified in the PMBOK Guide.

C. Not all processes and procedures space needed, unless the PMBOK guide states the procedure or procedure is a requirement for the project type.

D. Every processes and also procedures are to be followed as established in the PMBOK Guide; various other wise, the PMP is in violation the the PMP password of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

A. no all details in the PMBOK overview should be used uniformly to all projects. It is the obligation of the project management team to recognize what methods are appropriate for every project.

B, C, and D are all false statements regarding the implementation the the PMBOK Guide.

Nancy is the task manager the the INCORP1 Project. She and the stakeholders produced a scope two months ago, but since then the scope has evolved and now provides much an ext detail about the project. The procedure of the border evolving is additionally known as which among the following terms?

A. Decomposition

B. Scope verification

C. Border creep

D. Gradual elaboration

D. progressive elaboration is a term provided to explain the advance that happens in incremental steps. The job scope is the most common example of progressive elaboration, yet the WBS, product description, and also even the project setup can happen through gradual elaboration.

A is incorrect because decomposition is the term used to describe the development of the work malfunction structure. B, limit verification, is incorrect because this term describes the procedure to verify that the deliverable matches what the limit promised to create. C, limit creep, describes small, unauthorized changes to the job scope.

You are explaining come a junior technician the difference in between a project and operations. Which one of the complying with is true just of operations?

A. They are performed through people.

B. They space constrained by minimal resources.

C. They room ongoing.

D. They space planned, executed, and also controlled.

C. tasks are temporary; they carry out not go on forever.

A, B, and also D room all incorrect, due to the fact that projects and also operations room performed by people; are constrained by restricted resources; and are planned, executed, and controlled.

You space the task manager for her company, note Manufacturers. Your company has a large client that has actually requested a one-of-a-kind component be created for one of their check engines. Your company agrees and creates a standard contract with the customer, and your manager assigns friend to control this project. The project was launched due to the fact that of which one of the following?

A. A client request

B. A change in the modern technology your customer is creating

C. A legal requirement (contractual)

D. An business need

A. This task was launched since the customer asked for the new component.

B is incorrect since the job is not a solution to a readjust in technology, however a customer request. C, a legit requirement, is no correct due to the fact that this actually describes a legislation or mandated regulation that has been created. D, an organizational need, typically refers to a job to improve the power of the organization.

Project supervisors are no responsible for which among the adhering to in many organizations?

A. Identify the task requirements

B. Selecting the jobs to it is in initiated

C. Balancing needs for time, cost, scope, and also quality

D. Creating clear and also achievable job objectives

B. task managers generally do not pick which projects are to it is in initiated. The project selection committee, customers, or job sponsors are generally responsible for this.

A, C, and D room all incorrect because the task manager is responsible for these activities.

You and William, a job stakeholder, space discussing risks within your project. Which among the following best describes risk?

A. Any kind of event that can cause your project to fail

B. Any type of event the may have actually a confident or negative effect on your project’s team

C. One uncertain occasion that may have a positive or an unfavorable effect on your project

D. An occasion that will reason time and also cost limit to it is in broken

C. threat is one uncertain occasion that have the right to have positive or an adverse effects on your project.

A, B, and D are features of risk, yet the best choice is C because risk is uncertain and may have a confident or an unfavorable effect top top the project.

You room the task manager for a huge software advance project. Girlfriend have involves that among the contents of the iron Triangle is slipping. Your task sponsor, Jim Bob, is not acquainted with the steel Triangle, so you define the concept to him. What will certainly be impacted if any kind of angle of the steel Triangle is not kept in balance?

A. Cost

B. Quality

C. Time

D. Scope

B. If any type of angle that the iron Triangle is changed, the quality of the task will suffer.

A, C, and D are incorrect due to the fact that these are the three sides of the iron Triangle. These three sides should be kept in balance or quality will suffer.

Which knowledge area consists of the creation of the project charter?

A. Task scope management

B. Project price management

C. Job integration management

D. Project interactions management

C. project integration management, which concentrates on the coordination that all contents of project management, contains the breakthrough of the project charter.

A is incorrect since project border management concentrates on the creation and control that the job scope. B, project price management, is incorrect since its role is to manage, control, and also respond come the financial comes to within the project. D, project interactions management, concentrates on who requirements what information, once is that needed, and also in what modality.

You and your job team are located in Des Moines, Iowa, but your project execution will take location in Mexico. You have valid concerns about the interactions with the stakeholders, including time ar differences; language barriers; the various laws that could affect your project; and the logistics that travel, face-to-face meetings, and even teleconferencing. I m sorry of the complying with project environments are you pertained to with most?

A. Social and social

B. International and also political

C. Physical

D. Organizational structure

B. all of the concerns provided fall right into the international and also political environment.

A is incorrect because cultural and social explains the demographic, educational, and ethical environment. C, physical, is came to with the ecology and geography impacted by the project. D, organizational structure, is no a task environment.

Which among the following is no a basic management skill?

A. Inspiring the project team

B. Purchasing and procurement

C. Sales and marketing

D. Contracts and commercial law

A. motivation is actually an interpersonal skill that the task manager must need to inspire and also energize the task team.

B, C, and D space all incorrect because these are basic management skills the job manager must have actually to manage a task successfully. Management skills are always around getting the project occupational done. Interpersonal skills, sometimes referred to as soft skills, are about inspiring, leading, and directing the task team and also people to do what’s compelled of them.

Which one of the complying with statements finest defines the difference between a program and also portfolios in regard come scope?

A. Programs perform not have scopes since they are made up of projects. Portfolios have an business scope.

B. Programs have larger scopes 보다 projects. Portfolios have an business scope.

C. Programs have actually larger scopes 보다 projects. Portfolios don’t have actually scopes due to the fact that they are a gaue won investment.

D. Programs and also portfolios can share the same scope because a portfolio may have two or much more programs.

C. A regimen is a repertoire of related tasks managed and also coordinated to obtain a higher level of control.

A, B, and D do not accurately define a program. Keep in mind that D is not the finest answer because programs typically create plenty of deliverables and also benefits—rarely just one deliverable.

Which one of the adhering to statements best defines the difference in between a program and also portfolios in regard to scope?

A. Programs execute not have actually scopes because they are consisted of of projects. Portfolios have actually an business scope.

B. Programs have larger scopes 보다 projects. Portfolios have actually an organizational scope.

C. Programs have larger scopes than projects. Portfolios don’t have scopes due to the fact that they are a gaue won investment.

D. Programs and also portfolios deserve to share the very same scope because a portfolio may have actually two or an ext programs.

B. Portfolios have an organizational scope that shows the strategic objectives of the

organization. Programs have actually larger scopes than projects and may be part of portfolios.

A is incorrect because programs do have actually scopes. C is incorrect because portfolios do have actually organizational scopes. D is incorrect due to the fact that programs and also portfolios won’t have actually the very same scope. Programs might be component of a portfolio, yet portfolios have actually an business scope.

Who is normally responsible for portfolio administration within an organization?

A. Task managers

B. Job sponsors

C. Stakeholders

D. Senior management

D. senior management is responsible for portfolio management.

A is incorrect due to the fact that project supervisors are responsible for a project’s success, yet not because that the portfolio. B, task sponsors, authorize projects. C, stakeholders, is incorrect since stakeholders is as well vague to it is in an agree answer.

You are the task manager that a large project to install 1900 kiosks throughout university campuses in phibìc America. The kiosks will certainly collect applications for credit transaction cards, call services, and also other solutions marketable to college students. The mass of your project is concentrated on the information technology integration, the wide area network (WAN) relationships from every kiosk, protection of the data transferred, and the database the the information gathered. Because that ease the management, you have hired local contractors to download the kiosks that you will certainly ship to each campus. The home builders on every campus will certainly be responsible for the WAN connection, the electric connection, the defense of the kiosk, and all testing. The neighborhood contracted work might be referred to as what?

A. Hazard mitigation

B. Operations

C. Subprojects

D. Administration by projects

C is the best answer because work that is subcontracted out for ease of management, as in this situation, becomes a subproject.

A is incorrect because risk mitigation describes the measures a task manager take away to minimize or get rid of risks. The script did not administer enough information to recognize what risks would have been mitigated. B, operations, is incorrect due to the fact that it go not describe this scenario at all. D, administration by projects, is incorrect because this term describes a agency that operates v projects. Over there is no indication that this is true through the scenario presented.

Where have the right to a job manager intend software, templates, and standardized policies?

A. A project monitoring office

B. With the stakeholders

C. Human being resources

D. The project budget

A. The project administration office (PMO) supports the project manager v templates, standardization policies, and also software.

B, C, and D do not completely answer the question, so these answers room incorrect.

Which of the adhering to is likely to be part of an operation?

A. Providing electricity to a community

B. Designing an electrical grid for a brand-new community

C. Building a brand-new dam together a source for electricity

D. Informing the public around changes in ~ the electrical company

A. An electrical company’s main operation is to carry out electricity.

B and also C space projects. Back D, providing information, might potentially be part of an ongoing operation, A is tho the finest answer presented.

of the following, i m sorry one is not component of project integration management?

A. The development of the job plan

B. The interaction in between project teams

C. The execution the the task plan

D. The documentation of transforms to the job plan

B. project integration management focuses on the project plan and its implementation, no the interaction in between project teams.

return B could, in part instances, be considered accurate if the project arrangement had some communication with various other project teams, the assumption cannot be made in this question. A, C, and D room all part of task integration management, therefore they room not valid answers.

Which among the following explains the physical atmosphere for a building and construction project?

A. The terrain whereby the building and construction will take place

B. The approval that the blueprints for the building

C. The demographics that the community where the construction will take it place

D. The regulations that govern whereby the building may take it place

A. The physical environment describes the impacts on and by the ecology and also geography that the area where the project will take place.

B explains the requirements and technical papers for the project plan. C defines the social and social environment of the project. D defines the international and also political atmosphere of whereby the project will take place.

You room a new project manager in a firm that offers a project management office. Which project management office has the most regulate over your role as a project manager?

A. Supportive

B. Controlling

C. Directive

D. Authoritative

C. The directive project monitoring office has the most control over the task manager. It takes control of the project, quite than just supporting the job manager.

A is incorrect because the donate project administration office has actually the least control over the project manager. B is incorrect since a regulating project administration office has actually a moderate quantity of control over the job manager. D, authoritative, is likewise incorrect since this isn’t a precious term to explain a project monitoring office.

What is the difference between a standard and also a regulation?

A. Standards and regulations are the same.

B. Standards room regulated by specific industries; regulations space laws.

C. Standards are optional; regulations space required.

D. Standards are required; regulations space laws.

C. Standards space optional and also may periodically be called guidelines. Regulations are not optional and also are commonly enforced through laws.

A, B, and D space all incorrect due to the fact that they execute not accurately define standards and also regulations.

The task manager typically devotes the many amount of time come which the the adhering to tasks?

A. Communications

B. Budget plan management

C. Project organization

D. Management of team negotiations

A. it’s been claimed that project supervisors spend 90 percent of your time communicating.

B, C, and D are all incorrect due to the fact that the project manager does no devote many of his time to these tasks.

girlfriend have fantastic idea because that a new project that deserve to increase performance by 20 percent in your organization. Management, however, declines to grant the proposed project since too countless resources are already devoted to various other projects. You have just experienced what?

A. Parametric modeling

B. Management by exception

C. Task portfolio management

D. Administration reserve

C. job portfolio monitoring is the procedure of choosing and prioritizing projects within one organization. Great project idea deserve to still be refuse if over there aren’t sufficient resources to finish the task work.

A is incorrect since it is a design to calculation costs, together as cost per ton or cost per hour. B is incorrect because this is a monitoring theory to control people and also problems. D is incorrect because management to make reservation is an amount of time and also money reserved for jobs running so late or end budget.

Which one of the complying with is an interpersonal ability a job manager must need to be successful?

A. Sales and marketing

B. Leadership

C. Health and safety practices

D. Information technology experience

B. leadership is the only interpersonal ability listed.

A, C, and also D space incorrect because these are general management skills and no interpersonal skills.

Of the following, i m sorry is the most crucial stakeholder affiliated with a project?

A. The job manager

B. The project sponsor

C. The CEO

D. The customer

D. Customers, interior or external, room the most vital stakeholders in a project.

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A is incorrect due to the fact that the task manager manages the project for the customer. B is incorrect because the job sponsor authorizes the project. C is incorrect due to the fact that the CEO may not also know around the project—and also then she would be interested in the success the the project for the customer.

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