out of all the options that are presented over the one that represents the best definition of the probability that a certain outcome of an event is thedesigningfairy.com choice

D. Successful outcome separated by feasible outcomes


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. <19 points> express to trouble 1. (a) find the accumulation distribution role F(x). Be certain to compose your thedesigningfairy.com in the approp


Step-by-step explanation:

a) We know that the cummulative distribution function of a continous random variable X is identified as:




hence that cdf will certainly be

\limits^x_0 \\\\F(x)=-\fracx^225 +\frac25x" alt="F(x)=\int\limits^x_0 (-\frac225t + \frac25 )\, dt\\\\=\frac25<-\fract^210 + t>\limits^x_0 \\\\F(x)=-\fracx^225 +\frac25x" align="absmiddle" class="latex-formula">

b) median of X is offered as:


c) For second moment


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When you main point by 6 the is prefer multiplying through 3 due to the fact that 6 is divisible by 3. For this reason basically, when you main point by 6 you are multiplying by 3 twice , or at a bigger scale you could say c: