What percentage of new service endeavors typically make it through their first 5 years of operation? a. 100% b. 81% c. 65% d. 40% e. 25%

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In 1997, what portion of little businesses remained in company industries? a. 2% b. 4% c. 8% d. 12% e. 20%
According to the survey cited in this chapter, which of the adhering to was not among the many essential inventions since 1980? a. the internet b. cell phones c. personal computer systems d. digital imagery e. email
Which software application application was the predecessor of the Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet? a. Microsoft Excel b. MasterData c. Financial Works d. FileMaker e. VisiCalc
Which of the trends listed below converged to spark the Net revolution of the 1990"s? a. individual computer systems, cell phones, and laser printing b. digital technology, indevelopment modern technology, and entrepreneurship c. individual computer systems, modems, and also floppy disks d. entrepreneurship, venture capital, and also computer software application e. venture resources, biomodern technology, and also telecommunications
By 2009, what portion of the world"s populace had come to be Web users? a. 2% b. 16% c. 24% d. 60% e. 57%
Which of the complying with sectors was the prime instance of venture funding fueling the pace of commercial innovation. a. semi-conductors b. mini-comupters c. biotechnology d. individual computer systems e. every one of the over
What percent of GDP did undertaking capital backed suppliers geneprice in 2008? a. 7% b. 21% c. 28% d. 31% e. 41%
What was the rise in Benchmark Capital"s investment of $5million in eBay? a. 30-fold in two years b. 300-fold in 2 years c. 700-fold in 2 years d. 1,500-fold in 2 years e. 4,000-fold in two years
The stock market collapse that resulted in the Great Depression developed in what year? a. 1928 b. 1929 c. 1930 d. 1931 e. 1932
Who reasoned that capitalism would be inevitably damaged by elites? a. Whyte b. Servan-Schreiber c. Schumpeter d. Lenin e. Marx
According to the GEM model, exactly how many kind of sets of activities produce the basis for nationwide economic growth? a. 2 b. 3 c. 4 d. 5 e. 6
Which term is used to explain business churning? a. fabricated development b. evolution change c. making the butter d. organization development e. artistic damage
"Baby boomers" is the term provided for Amerideserve to born in: a. at an early stage 1920"s b. 1920"s c. early on 1930"s d. late 1930"s-1940"s e. mid 1940"s-early 1960"s
What percent of the workpressure did Fortune 500 carriers employ in 1960"s? a. 10% b. 15% c. 20% d. 25% e. 30%
What percent of the executives downsized in the 1980"s and also 1990"s began their own business? a. 10% b. 15% c. 20% d. 25% e. 30%
How much brand-new VC money was committed in 1975? a. $10 million b. $45 million c. $145 million d. $430 million e. $930 million
What does SBIR stand for? a. Savings, Brokerage, and Investment Research b. Small Firm Innovation Research c. Void Based Infra Red d. Speaker Boundary Interference Response e. Small Firm Interemainder Rate
How a lot does Bayh-Dole Act contribute annually to the US economy? a. $300 million b. $950 million c. $12 billion d. $32 billion e. $40 billion

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What was the major objective for the Bayh-Dole Act? a. commercial development of intellectual residential property b. investment of pension funds in undertaking funding carriers c. sex equality among entrepreneurs d. assistance for young entrepreneurs e. every one of the over