What percentage of new business ventures typically survive their an initial 5 year of operation? a. 100% b. 81% c. 65% d. 40% e. 25%

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In 1997, what percentage of little businesses was in service industries? a. 2% b. 4% c. 8% d. 12% e. 20%
According come the survey cited in this chapter, i m sorry of the complying with was not one of the most crucial innovations since 1980? a. The internet b. Cabinet phones c. Personal computers d. Digital imagery e. Email
Which software application was the predecessor the the Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet? a. Microsoft Excel b. MasterFile c. Financial works d. FileMaker e. VisiCalc
Which the the trends listed below converged to spark the Internet transformation of the 1990"s? a. An individual computers, cabinet phones, and also laser print b. Digital technology, info technology, and entrepreneurship c. Personal computers, modems, and floppy disks d. Entrepreneurship, venture capital, and computer software program e. Endeavor capital, biotechnology, and also telecommunications
By 2009, what percent of the world"s populace had end up being Internet users? a. 2% b. 16% c. 24% d. 60% e. 57%
which of the adhering to industries to be the prime example of venture resources fueling the pace of advertisement innovation. A. Semi-conductors b. Mini-comupters c. Biotechnology d. Personal computers e. All of the over
What percent of GDP did venture resources backed suppliers generate in 2008? a. 7% b. 21% c. 28% d. 31% e. 41%
What to be the boost in Benchmark Capital"s invest of $5million in eBay? a. 30-fold in two years b. 300-fold in two years c. 700-fold in two years d. 1,500-fold in two years e. 4,000-fold in two years
The stock industry collapse that resulted in the great Depression developed in what year? a. 1928 b. 1929 c. 1930 d. 1931 e. 1932
Who reasoned the capitalism would certainly be inevitably destroyed by elites? a. Whyte b. Servan-Schreiber c. Schumpeter d. Lenin e. Marx
According come the GEM model, how plenty of sets of tasks create the basis because that national financial growth? a. 2 b. 3 c. 4 d. 5 e. 6
Which term is used to describe business churning? a. Artificial evolution b. Evolution transition c. Do the butter d. Service expansion e. An innovative destruction
"Baby boomers" is the term offered for American born in: a. At an early stage 1920"s b. 1920"s c. Early on 1930"s d. So late 1930"s-1940"s e. Mid 1940"s-early 1960"s
What percent of the workforce did Fortune 500 companies employ in 1960"s? a. 10% b. 15% c. 20% d. 25% e. 30%
What percent that the executives downsized in the 1980"s and 1990"s started their very own business? a. 10% b. 15% c. 20% d. 25% e. 30%
How much new VC money was committed in 1975? a. $10 million b. $45 million c. $145 million d. $430 million e. $930 million
What does SBIR stand for? a. Savings, Brokerage, and Investment research study b. Tiny Business development Research c. Space Based Infra Red d. Speaker boundary Interference response e. Tiny Business Interest rate
How much does Bayh-Dole Act add annually to the united state economy? a. $300 million b. $950 million c. $12 exchange rate d. $32 exchange rate e. $40 billion

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What to be the major objective for the Bayh-Dole Act? a. Commercial development of pundit property b. Investment of pension accumulation in venture resources companies c. Gender equality among entrepreneurs d. Support for young entrepreneurs e. All of the over