1) i m sorry of the complying with statements is true around cloud computing?A) The elastic leasing the pooled computer system resources over the net is dubbed the cloud.B) A cloud is a peer-to-peer network provided to re-superstructure data in between users.C) Cloud-based hosting does not operate over the Internet.D) any type of network that servers hosted in-house by an organization for its own requirements is concerned as a cloud.

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2) which of the complying with is a factor for the hatchet elastic being offered to specify the cloud?A) computing resources deserve to be increased or lessened dynamically in cloud-based hosting.B) Operations staff manually allots new resources as soon as the traffic increases.C) client are provided a constant bandwidth top top the cloud.D) Resources obtainable for cloud-hosting room shared among customers.
3) An company that hires cloud solutions ________.A) can accommodate increase in website traffic from just one cityB) is continually provided with the maximum possible bandwidthC) can limit the solution time that its web pagesD) hires a fixed number of servers
4) i beg your pardon of the following is true of internet services?A) They room SOA-designed programs that comply with Web business standards.B) They space programs that comply with IEEE 802.3 protocol standard and cannot be offered for cloud processing.C) They room programs the comply through Web organization standards and can just run as an live independence program.D) They can be used only with other programs indigenous the same vendor.
5) i m sorry of the adhering to statements is true around cloud services?A) Cloud organization vendors tend to avoid virtualization.B) In-house hosting is usually preferable come cloud hosting.C) Cloud solutions always enable customers to preserve physical regulate over its data.D) Financial establishments are not most likely to rental cloud solutions from a vendor.
6) which of the following statements is true of cloud-based and also in-house hosting?A) In-house hosting makes scaling up to satisfy the demands of increased traffic easier.B) Cloud-based hosting involves the threat of investing in an innovation that might soon become obsolete.C) In-house hosting leads to lose of physical control of data.D) Cloud-based hosting reduce the visibility the the protection being supplied to safeguard data.
7) i m sorry of the complying with statements is true around the increase in popular of cloud hosting?A) Data interaction is more expensive currently than earlier.B) Virtualization enables instantaneous development of new virtual machines.C) Internet-based standards have actually led to loss of adaptability in handling capabilities.D) The modern technology prevalent in the 1960s was much more favorable because that the construction of enormous data centers.
8) Phobas Inc. Supplies an online business which stores notes made by customers on the cloud. Once a client enters notes on one device, it it s okay updated in every the gadgets he/she owns. I m sorry of the complying with cloud-based offerings is being provided to the customers?A) virtual personal cloudB) platform together a organization (PaaS)C) software application as a business (SaaS)D) infrastructure as a company (IaaS)
9) An online service allows users to incorporate their phonebook v their society media profiles and also stores it on the cloud. The phonebook is updated with pictures of contacts once they are uploaded on social media sites. I m sorry of the complying with cloud-based offerings is being provided to the users?A) network as a service (NaaS)B) platform together a service (PaaS)C) framework as a organization (IaaS)D) software as a organization (SaaS)
10) The cloud-based business that gives the hardware and permits customers to fill an operating mechanism of their choice is known as ________.A) applications virtualizationB) platform together a service (PaaS)C) framework as a organization (IaaS)D) network functions virtualization (NFV)
11) A ________ is a device of hardware and software the stores user data in plenty of different geography locations and also makes that data easily accessible on demand.A) virtual private networkB) content distribution networkC) mobile virtual networkD) neighborhood area network
12) which of the adhering to is a disadvantage the a content shipment network?A) It increases the fill time of net pages because that users.B) its vulnerability to denial-of-service (DOS) strikes is high.C) Its reliability is decreased as data is save on numerous servers.D) that is far better suited come store and also deliver contents that rarely changes.
13) i m sorry of the adhering to statements is true of content shipment networks (CDNs)?A) They mitigate users" access costs by transporting data faster.B) They distribution data on different servers without any data replication.C) Users get content from the CDN server the is geographically closest.D) A routing server decides i beg your pardon server should supply content on one hourly basis.
14) an internal information system built using net services ________.A) is dubbed a virtual personal networkB) is a cloud-based an innovation if it supplies elasticityC) is a subset that a virtual private cloudD) is an instance of platform as a business (PaaS)
15) i m sorry of the adhering to is a reason why one internal details system (private internet) the uses internet services is not thought about a cloud?A) The number of servers is solved in a exclusive internet and is no made elastic.B) Idle servers in a private web are dynamically re-allocated.C) it is generally not easily accessible outside the organization.D) An company maintains a private internet using its very own resources.
16) which of the adhering to services gives hardware, an operating system, and a database monitoring system (DBMS) ~ above a cloud-based offering?A) network together a business (NaaS)B) framework as a company (IaaS)C) software application as a company (SaaS)D) platform as a organization (PaaS)
17) Sireus Corp. Is availing a cloud-based service. It plans to install a software package the will offer cloud services to that is users. If it would favor to stop installing one operating system on the server, i beg your pardon of the adhering to services must it choose?A) network as a business (NaaS)B) facilities as a company (IaaS)C) platform together a business (PaaS)D) software application as a company (SaaS)
18) If an company opts for software application as a business (SaaS), the will have to ________.A) download an operating mechanism on the serverB) purchase licenses for software application replicationC) transport data and develop proceduresD) download a DBMS
19) i beg your pardon of the adhering to statements is true of personal clouds?A) exclusive clouds are easy to build and operate.B) Several establishments pool their resources to kind a personal cloud.C) exclusive clouds provide accessibility from exterior an company without connecting come a VPN (virtual private network).D) Idle servers in a private cloud can not re-allocated to various other organizations.
20) which of the following is a characteristic of a exclusive cloud?A) Organizations define their own collection of requirements for interactions in between programs.B) Idle servers on a exclusive cloud can be allocated to various other organizations.C) A exclusive cloud is most likely to be developed by a little organization.D) Most institutions avoid having actually multiple database servers in a exclusive cloud.
21) which of the adhering to statements is true that a virtual exclusive cloud (VPC)?A) A VPC go not exploit a VPN (virtual exclusive network).B) one organization typically stores its most sensitive data ~ above a VPC.C) A VPC deserve to be accessed just from within an organization. D) A VPC deserve to be constructed on publicly cloud infrastructure.
22) which of the following is a difference in between a virtual exclusive network (VPN) and a virtual exclusive cloud (VPC)?A) unequal a VPN, a VPC uses encrypted connections in between the users and the server.B) A VPN deserve to be accessed over the Internet, but a VPC cannot be accessed end the Internet.C) unequal a VPC, a VPN connects users to an organization"s inner IS.D) A VPC offers the benefits of cloud storage, yet a VPN by chin cannot administer these advantages.
23) i m sorry of the following is an benefit of using a private cloud over a virtual private cloud (VPC)?A) unlike a VPC, the infrastructure compelled for a personal cloud can be built and also operated easily.B) A VPC gains substantially by making use of an elastic fill balancer, conversely, a personal cloud does not usage an elastic fill balancer.C) A VPC can not be accessed from external the organization, however a personal cloud have the right to be accessed from exterior the organization.D) uneven a VPC, a exclusive cloud walk not call for permission indigenous regulating body to organize sensitive data.
24) What is a VPN (virtual private network)?A) the is a markup language that fixes numerous HTML deficiencies and also is typically used because that program-to-program interaction over the Web.B) that is an add-on come browsers the was developed by Adobe and is valuable for giving animation, movies, and also other progressed graphics inside a browser.C) it is the most common language for defining the structure and layout of web pages.D) It offers the internet to produce secure point-to-point connections.
25) i m sorry of the complying with is true that a VPN (virtual private network)?A) A VPN communication is secure also though the istransfer over the general public Internet.B) One disadvantage of a VPN is the it does not encrypt messages.C) Remote access is difficult in situation of a VPN.D) the is a physical, exclusive pathway over a public or shared network native the customer to the server.
26) i m sorry of the complying with is a characteristics of a virtual exclusive network (VPN)?A) It develops a physics connection in between the customer and the server, referred to as tunnel.B) It sends out encrypted messages over the general public Internet.C) A VPN have the right to be accessed from just one geographical location.D) VPNs cannot be accessed end the Internet.

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27) which of the following is likely to it is in a consequence of cloud computing in the future?A) establishments will favor to setup your own computer infrastructure.B) The cost of obtaining elastic sources will decrease.C) tasks related to server operations at little organizations will certainly increase.D) The variety of technology-based startups will stagnate.
28) A system uses cameras and motion-sensing devices to issue tickets for traffic violations. This system is an instance of ________.A) videotelephonyB) telesurgeryC) telelaw enforcementD) general practitioners augmentation
29) utilizing https rather of http ________.A) shows the other users on that network who are accessing the exact same siteB) allows a packet sniffer come see only the site visited and nothing furtherC) associate a user to the version of the site held on a private cloudD) detects the presence of packet sniffers in the vicinity