A characteristic of commodities that space mass-produced in a consistent fashion is thatA. They are developed at the time an stimulate is received.B. Their expenses are gathered on job expense sheets.C. The products are similar or very similar in nature.D. They space grouped in batches.

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In a process cost system,A. A products requisition must identify the task on which the products will it is in used.B. A work-related in procedure account is kept for every process.C. One occupational in procedure account is preserved for every the processes, comparable to a job order cost system.D. A occupational in procedure account is preserved for every product.
Which of the adhering to manufacturing cost aspects occurs in a process cost system?A. Production overhead.B. All of these.C. Direct materials.D. Straight labor.
Which the the adhering to is a true explain about process cost systems?A. A procedure cost system has one occupational in procedure account for each process.B. Unit prices are not computed in procedure cost systems.C. In procedure cost systems, expenses are summary on job expense sheets.D. In procedure cost systems, expenses are collected but not assigned.
The flow of prices in a procedure costing mechanism requires that products be added in one department, labor included in an additional department and manufacturing overhead in a third department.A. TrueB. False
A main driver the overhead prices in continuous manufacturing work is:A. Direct labor hours.B. An equipment maintenance dollars.C. Machine hours. D. Straight labor dollars.
In computing equivalent units, ___________ is not part of the indistinguishable units of production formula. A. Ending work in processB. Units transferred outC. Start work in processD. No one of this is correct
The final step in preparing a production expense report is toA. Prepare a expense reconciliation schedule.B. Compute identical units that production.C. Compute unit manufacturing costs.D. Compute the physical unit flow.
Denton firm had the following department details for the month of September: total materials costs, $50,000; equivalent units the materials, 20,000; total conversion costs, $30,000; and equivalent units of switch costs, 10,000. What is the full manufacturing expense per unit for the month that September?A. $2.67.B. $2.50.C. $3.00.D. $5.50.
D. $5.50.Unit materials cost ($2.50) = total materials price ($50,000) ÷ identical units of products (20,000). Unit conversion cost ($3.00) = full conversion expenses ($30,000) ÷ equivalent units of conversion expenses (10,000). Full manufacturing price per unit ($5.50) = Unit materials cost ($2.50) + unit conversion expense ($3.00).

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In the production price report, the totalA. Expenses accounted for equals the costs of the devices started right into production.B. Physical devices accounted for equals the prices accounted for.C. Prices charged equates to the devices to be accounted for.D. Physical devices accounted for amounts to the units to be accounted for.