Which of the complying with is not contained in a firm"s IT framework investment?

Hardware, software, and services.

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Consulting, education, and training.
Telecommunications networking equipment and also services.
None of the above.

Nanotechnology supplies individual atoms and molecules to create computer chips and also other devices that are:

The size of a pencil.
Smaller than a breadbox.
10,000 times thinner 보다 a human being hair.
The size of a person hair.

Which the the complying with is an interpretation of Moore"s law?

Computing power doubles every 18 months.
The strength of microprocessors doubles every 18 months.
The price of computer falls by half every 18 months.
All that the above.

Which that the adhering to statements is false?

IBM is now the just provider the mainframes.
The mainframe market has grown steadily end the past decade.
IBM has repurposed the mainframes so the they have the right to be offered as gigantic servers.
Mainframes have actually virtually disappeared.

The operating mechanism that constrain the client marketplace is:


Older transaction handling systems created for mainframe computer systems that proceed to be used to stop the high cost of replacement are well-known as:

Sun systems.
Legacy systems.
Real-time systems.
IBM systems.

Grid computing is finest described as:

The offering of excess computing power.
The connecting the geographically remote computer systems into a single network to create a virtual supercomputer.
The purchasing of computing power from central computing utilities.
None that the above.

Which the the following statements around netbooks is no true?

Netbooks are optimized for wireless communications and also Internet access.
Netbooks carry out not generally come through such applications as word processing.
Netbooks are small, low-cost lightweight subnotebooks.
All of the above.

Which the the adhering to statements around Java is no true?

Java is everywhere.
Java was created by a neighborhood of number of hundred thousands programmers approximately the world.
Java is one operating-system-independent programming language.
Java is a robust language that have the right to handle text, data, sound, graphics, and video.

Which of the following statements about software packages is false?

A software package is a prewritten commercially available set of software program programs.
Enterprise application software vendors have not yet arisen the software program packages that assistance core functions, such as payroll or order handling.
A software program package is a set of programs composed for a certain application come perform functions specified by end users.

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None the the above.
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