Ask any sales manager or rep what their objectives are and their answers will most likely be the same: get an ext leads, be much more productive and sell more.

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But, while ambition is great, setup and accomplishing concrete sales goals doesn’t just happen. The requires setting specific goals for her sales teams and creating detailed plans to rotate them right into reality.

The secret to setting sales objectives is do the objectives not just realistic, but additionally attainable. A Bridge group report found that 67% the sales reps meet their continual sales quota; how deserve to you ensure the you’re among them?

In this ultimate guide, we’re walking to take a deep dive into:

After reading this guide, you’ll much better understand just how to empower your reps with practicable sales objectives that enhance productivity, morale and teamwork.

What are sales objectives?

Sales objectives offer your sales team a clear road map the what they should do to help your company attain its overall goals. Every objective comprises specific, measurable action items that assist salespeople make sure individual and also team-wide goals are achieved.

Sales objectives are large strokes that the brush, like enhancing customer numbers or cut churn. They room usually permanent goals, made up of shorter-term steps. According to research by accent Technologies, sales management objectives that job-related for best-in-class service providers revolve about understanding buyer challenges and also personalizing sales engagement and also processes.

However, the sales goals you collection need to make sense for your business or department. You could be setup sales missions that emphasis on:

Increasing sales and profit boosting customer numbersIncreasing upsells and cross-sellsIncreasing sales rep productivityCutting the time sales reps spend on non-sales tasksEnhancing her sales processes

Remember, there’s a difference between setup sales objectives and setting sales goals that work. Just because you arrangement something doesn’t mean it will acquire done.

This is why any kind of sales target that has a opportunity of succeeding demands to be set in steps. In various other words, you need to consider setup sales missions using a smart mindset.

Specific: A clear explanation of the objective and also its stepsMeasurable: certain there are metrics the you can measure the objective’s successAchievable: The objective should be realistic, yet still challengingRelevant: Make sure that the target is consistent with your business’s and team’s goals and also strategyTime-based: collection out an exact and clear timescale for the objective

Let’s say your agency has a sales goal of adding much more new client to your pipeline every month. Stop run through some goals and also examples utilizing SMART objectives:

Specific: you might collection a details goal to gain 100 brand-new customers a month. If you division that by your number of sales reps, it starts to paint a clearer snapshot of whether that sales target is realistically achievable.Measurable: how many brand-new customers execute your reps need to carry in each day/week to attain the objective?Attainable: If you have four sales reps on her team, perform they each have the ability to lug in 25 brand-new customers a month? Make sure your team has the skills and ability to make the objective attainable.Realistic: Is it realistic to increase your customer base by 100 a month, or is it an ext of a pipe dream?Timely: rather of saying you desire to bring brand-new customers ~ above board, you’ve collection an target to lug 100 brand-new customers on plank each month. Already, your sales team knows there’s a time limit to the objective.

The an obstacle to setup sales objectives

For many businesses, raising revenue and also customer number are always at the height of the priority list. It’s fair to assume the those space the finish goals of many for-profit organizations.

However, when driving up revenue by selling much more might it is in an obvious selection when setting sales objectives, it’s necessary to dig deeper into what short-term changes can boost your long term success.

A examine by Forrester Research uncovered that B2B sales reps confront many interior roadblocks as soon as trying to achieve sales objectives—like just how able they space to take advantage of data and personalize customer experiences.


Setting sales objectives goes beyond setting goals based upon revenue and churn percentages. Instead, you can collection sales objectives to improve any part of her sales process. Native decreasing expenses to transforming the method you control your client data, sales objectives aren’t limited to improving the main sales metrics.

But what go all the look like?

Let’s say her reps are reporting that they’re security 15 hrs every week taking care of customer data. They feeling it’s as well much, and they want to optimize your time. One method you could attend to this is to set a sales objective of ‘decreasing sales rep’s time spent on data input,’ and then, collection specific metrics and targets to gain that objective achieved.

Think exterior the box and look past the noticeable sales objectives. Together Uplead Founder will Cannon says in our post on sales mentor guidance, return it’s vital for your sales team come hit your targets and also bring in enough revenue for the company, don’t push them to execute this at all costs.

“At the end of the day, it’s important to execute right by her customers, rather of aggressively offering them products/services just to struggle your very own targets,” the says.

“If you perform this, you could experience a temporary increase in her sales revenue, yet it’s unlikely that your customers will certainly stick approximately in the lengthy run since there’s no trust or rapport connected in her relationship.”

A rapid guide on just how to set sales objectives

Sales missions can’t be regulated in a spreadsheet the method that sales tasks and objectives can.

Rather, goals are a vast plan to achieving the purposes and activities that live within them. To set objectives that deserve to be successful, you should think long term, and also then setup out how to attain them in shorter-term goals and also activities.

What does that look like on paper?

You might set a sales target to boost your percentages of upsells. To carry out that, you might look into your sales reps’ the supervisory board packages and carry out a heightened incentive to accomplish the objective. Or, friend could examine your sales playbooks and also follow-up guidelines come see just how you might introduce much more upsells right into a rep’s pitching script.

Inside that this objective, you’ll additionally need to collection specific, measurable purposes for her sales reps. This can be for them to close 4 upsells a month, or boost their current upsells through 5% by the finish of the year.

Once you begin planning out the objective, it will certainly come right into focus and also you can start to calculation whether or not it’s plausible, or if you have to go ago to the illustration board.

The four most typical sales objectives

1. Objectives around your sales team capacity

Sales objectives can only be successful if your team has actually the capability (and the motivation) to check out them through.

However, enhancing your team’s capacity so they have the right to sell an ext is additionally a sales objective. This can be as simple as cutting under the quantity of time sales reps invest on data entry.

Other instances of sales missions that emphasis on her team’s capacity are:

Increasing the quantity of time reps invest on sales callsDecreasing the quantity of time the takes for a transaction to be closed

Setting sales goals and also objectives that focus on optimizing her team’s productivity cost-free up their time for this reason they have the right to focus an ext on selling.

Let’s say you want to cut the lot of time the takes reps come close their deals. First, look into their sales process: just how long does it usually take them to success a deal?

On average, you can find the takes her reps 15 days come close a transaction from once it enters their pipeline. You desire to reduced down top top the hand-operated labor associated in every sale therefore they have the right to spend more time prospecting.

To perform this, we have to review what that 15-day sales bike looks prefer for her sales rep:

Day 1: The lead enters their pipelineDay 2: The sales rep complies with up v an emailDay 4: The sales rep complies with up again and also books a sales callDay 6: The sales rep pitches your product via a sales callDay 8: The sales rep complies with up with an additional emailDay 12: The sales rep adheres to up again with an additional callDay 14: The possibility decides castle interested in her productDay 15: The sales rep close the door the deal and also hands the new customer end the customer care team

Now, simply by looking in ~ the sales process, one thing sticks out: the rep safety a most time complying with up through emails and also calls. One change you make could be to cut the heavy lifting because that the sales rep and invest in automatic email nurturing. This would certainly take far their manual involvement in a many the selling process and help totally free up an ext of their time.

For example, making use of, sales reps can personalize and also automate your follow-up emails anytime a lead enters your pipeline.


When a prospect enters her funnel, they’ll it is in nurtured through a follow-up email automatically, so your sales rep doesn’t need to spend hours sending manual emails.

Then, as soon as the lead clicks on a attach or sets turn off a sales signal, your rep will certainly be educated so they deserve to follow up through a sales call. You’ve simply saved your reps a bunch of time top top every transaction in your pipeline.

2. Objectives about selling products

If you desire to rise your average deal size or rise cross-selling, girlfriend can collection a particular sales objective to do it happen. This could be other like concentrating on a brand-new product release with a high bespeak value, or it can be something more comprehensive like tightening up your cross-selling processes within the following 12 months.

Sales goals for selling commodities could include:

Increasing the dimension of typical dealsIncreasing yearly up-sells increasing quarterly cross-sells

Let’s pick an objective out of that list and see what that looks like in a salesroom: increasing the quantity of upsells her sales reps make. Narrowing the down into a goal, your sales manager can decide on 20 an ext upsells per rep, per year.

20 upsells a year can seem prefer a lot, yet if you break it down, it works out to 1.6 upsells a month. If her sales reps are equipped through a CRM that holds all your customer data, the first step toward meeting the objective could be to have them examine it every week to find upsell opportunities.

If you’re making use of, each time a customer clicks on an email or visits a web page on her website, their contact page will certainly be instantly updated.

If one of your customers is consistently getting to their quota for your company each month, a sales rep can discover this information and also contact them around a higher-level package.

CRM software renders it less complicated for sales reps to follow up on avenues like up-sells so that they can satisfy sales objectives.

3. Objectives around your sales team’s capabilities

Sales objectives deserve to only be accomplished if your team is qualified of hitting them and equipped with the best tools and also training to execute so.

This ties earlier to a sales rep’s capacity and how much time they’re able to spend on sales activities. Because that example, if your sales reps invest an average of 4 hours every day do cold calls, you must know how successful those phone call are. Room they close up door deals and nurturing customers effectively?

Bear in mind that a sales rep with access to a suite of tools (like email automation and activity tracking) is going come be much better equipped come close deals than a rep that is making notes in Google Sheets.

Set sales objectives roughly your sales ability like:

Increasing the variety of cold callsExpanding her sales reps’ product expertise to encourage up-sells/cross-sellsPutting beside an hour each month to train on a device in your tech stack

Once again, let’s take it an objective and apply it to a real-life salesroom. Her sales objective can be to increase your cold contact output. If you rest the target down right into a sales goal, you could want to increase the lot of answer cold call by 10% a month.

This objective has actually a many layers come it. Because that example, stop say a sales rep provides 200 cold calls a month, and 20 that them are answered. To do the overall objective successful, her sales rep requirements to do 2 much more answered cold phone call a month. But to get there? They require to uncover 20 much more leads and make 20 extra calls. It is a the majority of time for a sales rep to uncover in your month.

Instead, friend could attain this sales target by taking other steps like:

Increasing the toughness of leads coming into the funnel and tightening up her qualifying processes. The much more qualified the lead, the an ext willing they space to buy. And the fewer calls the reps should make to close deals.

More efficient lead generation techniques. Instead of manually hunting for leads, sales reps can use a tool like Leadfeeder to capture website visitor information and also fill her pipeline with greater quality leads.


By enhancing the top quality of your leads, friend are most likely to increase their call/answered ratio. Then, you will do it be maybe to set a brand-new sales target to rise the variety of cold calls that acquire answered every month.

4. Objectives around gaining (and retaining) customers

We all understand the old adage: Finding brand-new customers prices anywhere from five to 25 times more than maintaining the persons you already have.

The customers you’ve currently got room actually more valuable than you think. On average, repeat customers spend 67% an ext than brand-new customers—so nurturing and also retaining present customers can make a massive difference to your yearly revenue numbers.

Sales objectives around gaining and retaining customers might mean targeting customers with a more significant revenue spend, arising a process to tackle typical sales objections or focusing an ext on nurturing the people who’ve currently signed as much as your product.

Objectives around gaining and also retaining customers might include:

Developing a database of faithful customers to rise engagement and also retentionIncreasing time invested nurturing existing customersBuilding a nurture regimen to boost customer spend

Let’s emphasis on the last objective: structure a nurture routine to rise customer spend. To malfunction that objective, your sales managers might need to look at:

Increasing training approximately how to nurture existing customersIncreasing the lot of time reps spend contacting existing customers and checking in on your product satisfaction, and decreasing the time they spend prospectingPutting into place a device where reps spend 30 minutes each day getting to out to present customers come gauge their satisfactionWithin this interactions, a sales goal can be to follow up with two of those customers about cross-sells or product upgrades

These missions are broad enough come encourage your sales managers to get an innovative on just how they will attain them, without being limited by numbers and metrics. The way, your sales managers can change them come ensure castle achievable there is no worrying around metrics.


How to collection sales objectives based upon your objectives

As you can see, there space a ton the sales goals you can collection for your sales team.

The just problem? If you litter 10 new objectives at her sales team, they’re walk to get overwhelmed. I m sorry is why prioritizing her sales goals is together an important, and also often overlooked, step.

Go with each sales target on her list and decide:

How immediate is the objective?

Does this objective have actually a long-term goal like building up the nurturing culture of her sales reps? Or is that time-restricted like an enhancing sales because that the next quarter?

How crucial is it to your company’s in its entirety goals?

If you don’t placed the objective into place immediately, will your agency still be able to accomplish its goals? What will certainly the objective median to her sales team and also is it an essential to their in its entirety success?

Ranking her sales missions by in its entirety importance will certainly also help you implement them without overtaxing her sales reps.

Apart indigenous prioritizing her objectives, the best way to make them a success is to proactively involve your sales reps in the process. After ~ all, they’re walking to it is in the ones that make certain these goals are achieved. Make them mindful of the missions and, in return, they’ll tell you if castle think castle realistic.

It’s vital to ask her team around each objective and also if:

They think it’s achievable and realisticThey’re confident the team is capableThey might challenge some challengesThey need much more training and also support to attain it

Here are four tips on how you can make each sales target on your list a success.

Tip 1: Evaluate her sales team

Listening to her sales team around what missions they think room achievable is incredibly important.

However, be afflicted with in mind the your sales objectives might not be achievable with the team you’ve gained in ar right now. You can either try and expand your team, which expenses money, or invest time nurturing your existing reps to do them together productive and effective as possible.

Your an elderly sales managers need to assist your reps make sure every email and sales speak to counts.

GoSquared Sales engineer Russell Vaughan says the prestige of adding value to customer conversations to be hammered right into him at his time at Panasonic.

“Usually, someone’s decision about buying her product is a an extremely small component of your day and also responsibility. To it is in interrupted through a follow-up contact that to be self-serving and also offered no real value to be rarely much more than a nuisance,” the says.

“It no mean adhering to up wasn’t important, that was vital in maintaining momentum in a deal and keeping ours product former of mind, yet it might be done in a much an ext effective way.

A follow up could start with letting a possibility know about a brand-new award our product we had actually won, a brand-new feature we’d released or also a brand-new offer we were acquisition out. Something that added a bit much more value come the process.”

If her sales supervisors are top top the ground training your reps (and they’re performing well) and you’re still no meeting your objectives⁠, readjust your objectives. The only missions worth having actually are achievable ones.

Tip 2: Track each objective’s development and adjust it accordingly

Most sales missions are collection at the start of the year to create a 12-month roadway map.

But, just due to the fact that sales goals are set doesn’t average they can’t, and also shouldn’t, be changed. Your objectives should be revisited each quarter or month to make sure they stay achievable.

Apart from providing verbal feedback, girlfriend should always be surveillance your team sales objectives. If the objective is to increase your sales rep’s productivity, her sales managers should be proactively tracking:

Their sales activity outputTheir won/lost transaction rationsThe lot of time they invest prospecting

Tracking objectives deserve to also aid you i found it which products are selling the best. With a CRM, you deserve to track transaction by:

Product: to watch which assets are associated most frequently with deals winner in your account.Time: to check out the power of particular products in your account over time, based on their association v won deals.

Tip 3: prize your staff who room hitting their targets

Every sales team has reps that perform far better than others.

It’s those high-performing reps that make sure that your firm achieves its sales objectives. Therefore reward them. Within every sales objective, you can want to incentivize each target or goal to motivate her star salespeople. Because that example, utilizing a tool choose, you can automatically track how well a rep is performing over a details timeframe.


If a rep isn’t conference their email or prospecting numbers, climate you deserve to start to ask ‘why?’ Or, if they’ve closed an ext deals than expected, memory it. Either way, approach your reps v positivity and also encouragement—negativity won"t perform anything for their confidence or overall sales performance.

Tip 4: setup for your missions to fail

Because few of them will.

Achieving effective sales objectives isn’t about setup them and forgetting them. It method constantly examining your goals and, if castle fail, figuring the end why they walk so.

Developing a arrangement to attend to failed objectives allows you to get an updated version of the objective into your plan quicker. When an target fails, ask yourself:

What barriers did us hit to protect against this target from gift successful?Did we have the ideal sales team in place? Did their capabilities and access match up through what us asked of them for the objective?Did our sales team have the ideal tools to accomplish the objective in the first place?

Once you’ve figured out why the objective failed, attend to the roadblocks and give it an additional shot.

Don’t confuse sales objectives with metrics

Remember, sales objectives and also sales metrics no the same.

Sales objectives are long-term, vast goals the you want your whole sales team to accomplish to press your agency forward. However, you have to keep an eye on sales metrics come make certain your objectives stay on track.

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Metrics enable you to build steps and strategies for her sales team to attain your sales objectives. Although some objectives could seem broad, like raising your client nurturing to an increase up-sells, using metrics to them have the right to make them achievable.

Most importantly, make sure that every little thing sales goals you set, her team is involved in setting them. Lock the persons on the floor making sales calls and also closing deals, and also they understand what they’re capable of achieving. Press them to carry out their best, however make sure any kind of objectives you collection are attainable.