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9. C. Business revenue. As service revenue is the revenue from solutions rendered through a firm whereas retained income are the amount of net revenue retained through a company. 10. B. As it is composed as "Statement of Retained revenue For the year ended Ma…View the full answer

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Transcribed picture text: 9. Which of the following would not show up on the retained earnings statement? a. Net income b. Dividends C company revenue d. Beginning retained earning balance 10. Which among the adhering to is not the correct day format because that the corresponding financial statement? a. A balance sheet together of may 31, 20XX b. A declare of retained earnings as of may 31, 20XX c. An revenue statement for the month finished May 31, 20XX d. A declare of cash flows because that the month finished May 31, 20xx 11. The finishing retained income balance shows up on: a. The earnings statement and the retained revenue statement b. The balance sheet just c. Both the retained earnings statement and also the balance paper d. The retained income statement just 12. A gaue won statement the reports accountancy data at a specific date is the a balance sheet. B. Retained earnings statement. Cincome statement d. Statement of cash operation 13. Which one of the adhering to statements is true concerning the interrelationships of gaue won statements? a Net income on the earnings statement amounts to the cash balance at the end of the period on the balance paper b. The finishing balance of retained revenue on the declare of retained income is equal to net earnings on the earnings statement. C. The quantity of net revenue on the earnings statement is included to the beginning retained revenue balance top top the declare of maintained earnings. D. The amount of cash used during the period on the declare of cash flows is equal to complete expenses on the earnings statement. Jae won Statements: Formulas and also Calculations 14. The Retained earnings account had actually a beginning balance that $60,000 and an ending balance of $70,000. 16 $20,000 of dividends to be declared and also paid during the period, net earnings must have been: a. $20,000 b. $30,000 C. $10,000. D. $50,000 15. Saira's Maid Service started the year with complete assets the $120,000 and stockholders' equity of $40,000 during the year the company earned $90,000 in network income and paid $20,000 in dividends. Total assets in ~ the end of the year were $215,000. Total liabilities at the end of the year were: a. $110,000 b. $105,000 0 $80,000 d. $90,000 2n