The difference in between the totals the the debit and also credit columns that the adjusted TrialBalance columns ~ above a work-related sheet

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The sum of the credits over the amount of the debits in the earnings Statementcolumns ~ above the occupational sheet.
The occupational sheet in ~ the finish of September has $4,000 in the Balance paper credit column for collected Depreciation. The work-related sheet at the end of October has $4,750 in the Balance sheet credit pillar for collected Depreciation. What to be the lot of the depreciation cost adjustment for the month of October?
After all of the account balances have been prolonged to the Balance paper columns that the work-related sheet, the totals of the debit and credit columns are $25,250 and $21,825, respectively. What is the amount of net earnings or net loss for the period?
After every one of the account balances have actually been extended to the revenue Statement columns the the work sheet, the totals of the debit and also credit columns are $87,500 and also $98,300, respectively. What is the amount of the net revenue or network loss because that the period?
On October 1, the agency pays rent because that twelve month in advance and debits an legacy account. At year end, the adjusting entrance on the occupational sheet would
On respectable 1, a company collects revenue in advancement for the following twelve months and also credits a legal responsibility account. The adjusting entry at year end on the occupational sheet would
the last day that the accounting period, back they are actually journalized after the end of the bookkeeping period
Which that the adhering to accounts will certainly be closed to the funding account in ~ the end of the budget year?
The adhering to accounts were taken from the changed Trial Balance columns that the work-related sheet:Accumulated Depreciation$ 2,000Fees Earned15,000Depreciation Expense1,000Insurance Expense500Prepaid Insurance4,500Supplies1,200Supplies Expenses3,500
A an overview of selected ledger accounts appear below because that Ted"s Auto solutions for the 2005 calendar year end. Ted, Capital12/317,0001/15,00012/3117,000 Ted, Drawing6/302,00012/317,00011/305,000 income Summary12/3115,00012/3132,00012/3117,000 Net income for the duration is
ordinarily starts on the first day the a month and also ends top top the critical day the the complying with twelfth month



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