redit c. Enhanced money supply d. Increased inflation e. Increased interest rates f. Lessened interest rates

a. Increased obtainable credit

c. Boosted money supply

f. Reduced interest rates


Expansionary policy is a plan pursued by either the federal government or the monetary authority come stimulate aggregate demand in the economy. This deserve to be achieved through the use of one of two people the fiscal plan tool by the federal government or the monetary policy tool by the commonwealth Reserve.

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The policy target of expansionary policy are any of the financial goals that the government, together as economic growth, control of inflation, favorable balance the payment, e.t.c.

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What is the function of commonwealth antitrust laws?
Svetllana <295>
The your trying to find is To maintain Competition among Business Firms. It prevents a syndicate which is wherein 1 firm owns every or almost all of the sector share. Prefer PepsiCo and CocaCola They are competition. Without one one more the various other will rule the market.
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Today you purchase a $600 face-value, 8% coupon bond for $600. This bond matures over 10 years. What is the value of the cash fl <2.5K>

the worth of the cash circulation in year 5 is -$48


Cash circulation in year 5 include a funding repayment and also interest expense.This can be established by constructing an amortization schedule native the data given.

The an initial step in creating the amortization schedule is to find the yield to Maturity.

Pv = -$600

Pmt = $600 × 8% = $48

P/yr = 1

N = 10

Fv = $600

YTM = ?

Using a jae won Calculator the yield to Maturity is 8%.

then to determine the cash flow for year 5, we require the coupon amount (interest) and the lot of resources repayment.

Coupon $48

Capital $0

Total $48

Therefore the cash flow in year 5 is -$48.

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You space the manager the a publicly traded corporation. Plenty of of your firm"s investor wish to live for today and also thus discount the
arlik <135>

I would advice the investors to undertaking into Real Estate and Real estate Brokering. so as they would live because that today and get discount because that the future.


A genuine estate broker: is a person who represents sellers or buyers of actual estate or genuine property.

Real estate is "property consists of land and also the buildings on it, in addition to its herbal resources such as crops, minerals or water; immovable property of this nature.

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Despite the hefty reliance ~ above e-mail, in particular situations calling may be the most reliable channel that communication, whether
Svetach <21>

The correct choice is A, B and also D


In order come communicate, the channel of telephone interaction is used, one should follow the complying with etiquette so the it will certainly make the speak to productive and also the points are as:

1. Constantly end the call very politely

2. Every time making a call, have to use the 3 point arrival which claims the your description, objective of call.

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3. Always be accurate and also cheerful if on call with other person.

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Alpha industries is considering a task with an initial cost of $8 million. The task will produce cash inflows of $1.49 mil
IrinaVladis <17>

NPV = 1,003,046


NPV = existing value of revenue - investment

investment 8,000,000

1,490,000 earnings per year throughout 8 years at rate x

We need to calculate the WACC so we deserve to know the rate


equity-ratio = 0.40


debt-equity proportion = 0.6




WACC 6.69590%

Now the we achieve the price we resolve for the existing value of the cash flow



PV 9,003,046

And lastly get the

NPV 9,003,046 - 8,000,000 = 1,003,046

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