137 The role of Finance and the financial ManagerHow carry out finance and the jae won manager affect the firm’s overall strategy?

Any company, even if it is it’s a small-town bakery or general Motors, demands money come operate. To make money, it must very first spend money—on inventory and supplies, equipment and also facilities, and employee wages and salaries. Therefore, finance is an essential to the success of every companies. It might not be as visible as marketing or production, but management of a this firm finances is just as lot a key to the firm’s success.

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Financial management—the art and science of regulating a that company money so the it can satisfy its goals—is not just the responsibility of the finance department. All company decisions have actually financial consequences. Supervisors in all departments have to work very closely with jae won personnel. If you room a sales representative, because that example, the this firm credit and also collection policies will affect your capability to do sales. The head of the IT department will need to justify any requests for brand-new computer solution or employee laptops.

Revenues indigenous sales that the firm’s assets should it is in the chief source of funding. Yet money indigenous sales doesn’t constantly come in once it’s required to salary the bills. Financial managers must track exactly how money is flowing into and out that the certain (see (Figure)). They work-related with the firm’s other department supervisors to determine how obtainable funds will certainly be used and also how lot money is needed. Climate they pick the best sources to achieve the compelled funding.

For example, a gaue won manager will track day-to-day to work data such as cash collections and disbursements come ensure that the firm has enough cash to meet its obligations. Over a much longer time horizon, the manager will thoroughly study whether and when the agency should open up a brand-new manufacturing facility. The manager will additionally suggest the many appropriate means to finance the project, advanced the funds, and also then screen the project’s implementation and also operation.

Financial administration is very closely related to accounting. In most firms, both locations are the responsibility of the vice president of finance or CFO. But the accountant’s main duty is come collect and also present jae won data. Financial supervisors use jae won statements and other information prepared through accountants to do financial decisions. Gaue won managers emphasis on cash flows, the inflows and also outflows the cash. They plan and monitor the that company cash operation to ensure the cash is accessible when needed.

The Financial administer Responsibilities and Activities

Financial managers have a facility and difficult job. They analysis financial data all set by accountants, monitor the firm’s financial status, and also prepare and also implement jae won plans. At some point they might be occurring a far better way come automate cash collections, and also the following they may be assessing a proposed acquisition. The vital activities the the financial manager are:

Financial planning: prepare the jae won plan, which tasks revenues, expenditures, and financing requirements over a given period.Investment (spending money): Investing the firm’s funds in projects and securities that administer high return in relationship to their risks.Financing (raising money): Obtaining resources for the that company operations and also investments and seeking the best balance in between debt (borrowed funds) and also equity (funds elevated through the revenue of ownership in the business).

The goal of the jae won Manager

How have the right to financial supervisors make wise planning, investment, and financing decisions? The key goal the the financial manager is come maximize the value of the firm come its owners. The value of a publicly own corporation is measure by the share price that its stock. A personal company’s value is the price at which it can be sold.

To maximize the this firm value, the gaue won manager has to think about both short- and also long-term aftermath of the firm’s actions. Maximizing earnings is one approach, however it should not be the only one. Such an approach favors making short-term gains end achieving long-term goals. What if a for sure in a very technical and competitive sector did no research and also development? In the quick run, earnings would be high because research and breakthrough is really expensive. But in the long run, the firm could lose its ability to compete due to the fact that of its lack of brand-new products.


This is true nevertheless of a company’s size or point in the life cycle. At Corning, a agency founded an ext than 160 years ago, administration believes in taking the irreversible view and not controlling for quarterly earnings to satisfy wall surface Street’s expectations. The company, once recognized to consumers mainly for kitchen commodities such as Corelle dinnerware and also Pyrex heat-resistant glass cookware, is now a an innovation company the manufactures specialized glass and also ceramic products. It is a leading supplier that Gorilla Glass, a special type of glass used for the displays of mobile devices, consisting of the iPhone, the iPad, and also devices powered by Google’s Android operating system. The agency was also the inventor the optical fiber and also cable for the telecommunications industry. These product lines require big investments during their long research and advance (R&D) cycles and for plant and equipment when they enter production.

Gary P. Pisano, “You Need modern technology Strategy,” Harvard business Review, https://hbr.org, accessed October 10, 2017.

This can be risky in the brief term, yet staying the course deserve to pay off. In fact, Corning freshly announced plan to construct a separate company division for Gorilla Glass, which now has an ext than 20 percent that the call market—with over 200 million devices sold. In addition, the fiber-optic cable organization is earlier in vogue and thriving as cable company providers such as Verizon have doubled down on upgrading the fiber-optic network across the joined States. Together of 2017, Corning’s commitment come repurposing few of its technologies and also developing new products has actually helped the company’s bottom line, raising revenues in a current quarter by an ext than 16 percent.

As the Corning situation demonstrates, financial supervisors constantly strive because that a balance in between the chance for profit and the potential because that loss. In finance, the chance for profit is termed return; the potential for loss, or the opportunity that one investment will not attain the meant level of return, is risk. A basic principle in finance is that the higher the risk, the higher the return that is required. This commonly accepted concept is dubbed the risk-return trade-off. Financial managers take into consideration many risk and return determinants when making investment and financing decisions. Amongst them are an altering patterns of sector demand, attention rates, general economic conditions, market conditions, and social worries (such as ecological effects and also equal employment possibility policies).

What is the role of financial administration in a firm?How carry out the three vital activities that the financial manager relate?What is the main goal of the financial manager? exactly how does the risk-return trade-off relate come the financial manager’s key goal?

Summary of learning Outcomes

How do finance and the financial manager influence the firm’s in its entirety strategy?

Finance involves regulating the that company money. The gaue won manager have to decide just how much money is needed and when, how finest to usage the accessible funds, and also how to get the compelled financing. The financial administer responsibilities incorporate financial planning, investing (spending money), and also financing (raising money). Maximizing the value of the for sure is the main goal of the financial manager, who decisions often have long-term effects.

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cash flowsThe inflow and outflow the cash because that a firm.financial managementThe art and science of managing a firm’s money so the it can satisfy its goals.returnThe opportunity for profit.riskThe potential for loss or the chance that an investment will certainly not attain the meant level the return.risk-return trade-offA basic principle in finance the holds that the higher the risk, the better the return the is required.