I believe the correct thedesigningfairy.com is C. The quantity of catalyst is the very same at the end as at the start of the reaction. Catalysts can"t be consumed by the reaction thus is not D.

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thedesigningfairy.com is: C) The lot of catalyst is the exact same at the finish as at the start of the reaction.

A catalyst is a chemical varieties that is existing at the start of a reaction and reappears at the end.

An intermediate forms throughout the reaction and disappears prior to the end.

Catalysis is the boost in the rate of a chemistry reaction because of the participation of an additional substance dubbed a catalyst.

Reactions occur much faster with a catalyst because they require less activation energy.

A scientist observes exactly how a specific South American bird cares for its young. Why is a ar study an appropriate form of scien

The legislation of conservation of issue states the matter have the right to be neither produced nor destroyed. Your friend reflects you the following c


According to conservation of matter, there need to be equal amounts of all aspects on both the reactant and product side.


1 Ca

1 C

1 O


1 Ca

1 C

3 O

Therefore, her friend is right due to the fact that the law of conservation of issue is not adhered to in this chemical equation.


A chemist determined by measurements that 0.015 moles of gold participated in a chemical reaction. Calculation the massive of yellow th

thedesigningfairy.com: The fixed of yellow participated in the chemistry reaction is 2.95 grams


To calculate the variety of moles, we usage the equation:


Molar massive of yellow = 197 g/mol

Moles of yellow participated in the reaction = 0.015 moles

Putting worths in above equation, we get:


Hence, the mass of yellow participated in the chemistry reaction is 2.95 grams

Condensation _____. Is the readjust from fluid water to water vapor requires dust or various other tiny corpuscle happens an ext quickly in
Condensation is a process where a problem in the gas state is adjusted into a fluid state through removing heat to the system. The is the reverse of evaporation. Condensation is constantly associated v the water cycle. It is critical part that the water cycle since it is responsible because that the clouds come form.

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D. An acid that dissociates only slightly in solution


A weak acid is an mountain that is slightly dissociated into its ion in a solution. At comparable concentration, weak mountain have higher pH value than strong acids.