Students learn around the contribute of medieval composer Hildegard of Bingen and around the qualities of plainchant.

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Length: 1 class period Grades: 7


Students will certainly understand and also appreciate middle ages plainchant.

Resource Used:“Hildegard that Bingen”From:’s Humanities through the Arts, lesson 38(or CDs with music by Hildegard)

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Vocabulary, Materials, and HandoutsInstructional Strategies and ActivitiesWriting to CommunicateApplications across the CurriculumOpen an answer AssessmentSupport - relations - resources - Author

Vocabulary, Materials, and also Handouts

Vocabulary:a cappella, Benediction, Gregorian chant, Introit, modes (modal), monophony (monophonic), Offertory, text settings (syllabic, neumatic, melismatic)

Materials:TV/VCR or DVD player, CDs the Gregorian chants and music by Hildegard


Multiple-Choice concerns Answer vital

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Instructional Strategies and also Activities

Characteristics the PlainchantPlainchant has actually several characteristics which assist to explain it and also give the a unique character. Plainchant is

monophonic in structure (a single line)sung a cappellasung in Latinnon-metriccomposed in modes, or modal

Each chant’s text, i beg your pardon often includes lines from scripture or solitary words (such as “Alleleuia”), is sung for unique occasions or to accompany certain parts the the Mass, such together the Introit, Benediction, or Offertory. These text settings provide plainchant the variations that can be heard as soon as one listens carefully to the chanted melody. The three most often heard settings:

syllabic (each valuation of text collection to a single note that music)neumatic (from two to a dozen note assigned come a single syllable)melismatic (one valuation sung to countless notes)

Hildegard that BingenHildegard that Bingen was a impressive woman, especially for the center Ages. She was a theologian, a writer, a dabbler in beforehand medicine with considerable knowledge that herbs, and also a composer the plainchant. She to be the very first woman to compose chants.During the middle ages period, one more churchman came to be well well-known for his relations with plainchant. Pope Gregory is remembered because that compiling the body of chants the retains his name: Gregorian chant.

Identifying message SettingPrepare a list of the text settings (above) with interpretations in advance and present these state to students. Utilizing the video of “Hildegard of Bingen,” have actually students listen carefully to the chant that closes the segment. Then, making use of the descriptions of the text settings, decide which format fits Hildegard’s chant. In addition, try to obtain an inexpensive arsenal of various other Gregorian chants (many are available) and also listen to identify the various styles. If you have the Kentucky department of CD-ROM that is had in the run Arts Toolkit, you’ll find an example in the “Music Samples” section.

Remind college student that instrumental music to be not enabled in the church. Just unaccompanied vocal music was supplied at first, and also later just vocal music with organ. It was believed that music without words (scripture) would reason the listener’s mind to wander and drift away from focusing on God and also the holy nature that the service.

Exploring the popular of PlainchantAfter this hear activity, talk about how the characteristics of plainchant have actually made it an important musical type whose meditative features have attractive listeners transparent the ages. In the 1990s, a collection of chants found its means onto the Billboard height 100 chart! This stop hit to be performed by monks indigenous a monastery in Spain. The CD is still available.

At the end of this discussion, briefly evaluate students to examine on their understanding of middle ages plainchant and Hildegard the Bingen. Include features of plainchant as well as a listening section on identifying text settings. Careful listening to chant will aid students come to be used come listening come music critically.

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Writing to Communicate

Ask students to write function articles, based upon research, which relate just how chanting is provided in other significant religions, especially Judaism, Tibetan Buddhism, and also Native American religions. They should compare and also contrast this chant structures and also styles with middle ages plainchant. Finish by looking in ~ chanting or music comparable to chanting in current popular music, such together music through Enigma, Enya, Bobby McFerrin, or other brand-new Age musicians. Also check the end scat singing in jazz (Ella Fitzgerald is wonderful example).

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Applications across the Curriculum

Language Arts

After some research on Hildegard of Bingen, have students collaborate on writing a one-act play around Hildegard and also her numerous accomplishments.


Have students look into the scientific work done by Hildegard of Bingen and also prepare a poster highlighting the results of this research.

Social Studies

Have students inspect to see whether over there were other women in medieval times who had success like Hildegard in various fields of endeavor. Discuss and compare them come Hildegard.

Practical Living

Discuss and also test the offers of plainchant for relieving stress, meditating, studying, and calming babies and little children. Share the results.

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Open solution Assessment

Prompt:Plainchant has actually retained the popularity and usefulness from middle ages times to the present day.

Directions:Discuss some of the features of plainchant i beg your pardon may have accounted for its current resurgence in popularity, causing its charting top top the Billboard 100 list. Protect your choices.

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Open solution Scoring Guide

college student completes assignment effectively, exhibiting substantial understanding of aspects and/or style principles the the art form. College student demonstrates extensive critical thinking an abilities and creative thinking in perfect the assignment. College student completes all facets of the job in one incisive and also thorough manner. college student completes assignment effectively, exhibiting wide understanding of elements and/or design principles of the art form. College student demonstrates broad an essential thinking skills and imagination in perfect the assignment. Student successfully completes all aspects of the task. student completes assignment, exhibiting an easy understanding of facets and/or style principles the the arts form. Student demonstrates simple use of critical thinking an abilities and creative thinking in perfect the assignment. Student partially completes the task and/or is unsuccessful in attempt to deal with some components of the task. Student functions on the assignment, exhibiting minimal knowledge of aspects and/or style principles that the art form. College student makes little or no usage of vital thinking an abilities or creative thinking in completing the assignment. College student minimally completes the task, mirroring minimal attention or enthusiasm. college student shows tiny or no effort of having actually attempted to finish the task.

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Support - connections - sources - Author

Search for internet sites on Hildegard that Bingen, plainchant, Pope Gregory and Gregorian chant, and chant supplied in the Mass. Like:Suggested publish sources: music background texts, almost all of which will have actually a thing on plainchant and also Mass.Recordings. Numerous recordings of chants are easily accessible in music stores, deserve to be ordered online, or deserve to be discovered on chant internet sites.

Author:Kay Twaryonas