Two expeditions sponsored by Prince Henry of Portugal are Gil Eanes’s trip around Cape Bojador and Bartolomeu Dias’s trip around the Cape of Good Hope.

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So, the is option D and E.


Infante D. Henrique a Duke of Viseu (Prince Henry the Navigator) for the period of March 4, 1394 - November 13, 1460, was a vital public role in the early days of the Portuguese Empire. He was very enthusiastic about European maritime expansion. Because of his enthusiasm, he was considered the main initiator of what is known as the Age of Discovery. Henry was the fourth child of the Portuguese king John I, known as the construction of the House of Aviz.

Henry initiated Portuguese exploration into various regions. Through the systematic exploration of West Africa and the islands of the Atlantic Ocean, he also opened a maritime trade tap with other continents. The opening of the trade tap also aims to find new routes. In 1415, he promoted his father to occupy Ceuta which was a Muslim port on the coast of North Africa. He also studied the business opportunities offered by the Sahara trade route.

Overtime, he became fascinated with Africa. He was most interested in expanding the Portuguese trade and admiring the Christian legend Prester John. He is considered a Portuguese explorer.


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D.) Gil Eannes’s trip around Cape Bojador

E.) Bartolomeu Dias’s trip around the Cape of Good Hope

Portugal, the western-most European country, played important role in Western Age of Discovery and Exploration. Under the guidance of Prince Henry the Navigator, Portugal played the key role throughout the fifteenth century in exploring the route to Asia by navigating south around Africa.

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The invention of a common route nearby Cape Bojador considered as the opening of the Portuguese investigation of Africa. They vothedesigningfairy.comged about 30 leagues (144 km), or even 50 leagues (240 km) of south land of Cape Bojador and entered the African coast.

In 1488, Portuguese navigator Bartolomeu Dias (c. 1450-1500) became the first European sailor to curl the southerly tip of Africa, unlocking the gateway for a sea route from Europe to Asia.