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18 examples of Spanish Slang for White Person

Spanish slang because that white person is the 3rd suggestion that Google offers you when you form in the phrase “Spanish slang for” in the find box. That provides it one of the most popular Spanish slang requests and here are some examples and the nations that use them. The is vital to point out that countless of this terms space not in the least bit insulting. It’s as with calling someone “Red” or “Blondie”.

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1. Babeco: Colombia

2. Blancón or blancona: Peru and Bolivia

3. Blanconazo: in Cuba is a white mulatto

4. Blanquito: in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic is whitey, a referral to a snobby, grounding up person.

5. Canche: in Guatelama and El Salvador a white and also blond person

6. Catire or catira: in Venezuela, Peru and also Colombia is a blond white person

7. Chele: in Honduras, El Salvador and also Guatemala a white and blond person

8. Chelón or chelona: in Guatelama, Honduras and El Salvador is a white and blond person

9. Choco or choca: Bolivia

10. Como culo e’ monja: Venezuela

11. Crudo: in Peru, a person with pale skin, no tanned

12. Gasparín: in Chile, precise Casper the trusted Ghost, method light-skinned, extremely white.

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13. Jincho: Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic

14. Jipato or jipata: in Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, Cuba, parts of Colombia and Bolivia is a pale

15. Jojoto or jojota: in Dominican Republic is an violation term for a pale skin person

16. Musiú: in Venezuela is offered to make referral to a white foreigner from non Spanish-speaking countries

17. Pantruca: Chile

18. Pote ‘e leche: Puerto Rico, precise “a deserve to of milk”

In the next short articles of this collection The optimal 5 Spanish Slang indigenous Searched ~ above Google i will offer you the lists because that cool and also girl.