All of the player ratings because that the upcoming Madden NFL 16 have been revealed. Here's a look in ~ those i m sorry are most intriguing.

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Sports are naturally suited for debate and also sports video clip games are no different. Each video game breaks down and ranks separation, personal, instance athletes across many attributes, fueling extreme conversations about these ultimately subjective evaluations. 

Madden NFL 16 is in ~ the head of these debates every year. As it nears release later on this month, the advancement team has listed all the the player ratings because that every separation, personal, instance on launch-day rosters. Check out all the all at once Ratings in ~ Hit The Pass and sort v every individual attribute classification in this spreadsheet . 

Beyond perusing the stars that the league, what stands out the most once girlfriend dig into the details? lets take a look at some of the players on the optimal of certain attribute categories, those who uncover themselves at the an extremely bottom, and also a readjust to the ever-popular rate Rating that has produced a stir. 

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The good

The 99 all at once players this year areJ.J. Watt, Aaron Rodgers, and also Rob Gronkowski. That\"s a change from the end of last season where the 99\"s were Watt, Tom Bradyand Richard Sherman.

Watt is an pure monster. His ratings feature99 in strength (Rush) Moves, 97 Block Shedding, 97 Strength, 97 Injury, 95 Tackle, 95 Stamina, 94 Toughness, and84 struggle Power. He\"s even better than some receivers and many tight ends v 78 recording and75 Spectacular Catch.

Some other highlights:

—The fastest players in the game areBreshad Perriman (RavensWR) andMario Alford (Bengals WR)with97 Speed. Both room rookies:Perrimanwas drafted No.26 and also Alford to be a 7th-rounder.

—Antwon Blake (Steelers CB), anundrafted rookie in 2012, leader the method in Acceleration with a 97 rating.

—Peyton Manning and also Tom Brady both have actually 99 Awareness. There yes, really isn\"t a method either couldget \"smarter\" on the field at this point in your careers.

—Antonio Brown and cover-athlete Odell Beckham Jr. Lead the way in catching (Brown:99) and Spectacular capture (OBJ:99). Matthew Stafford is the just QB v a 99 in litter Power, when Ben Roethlisberger and also Cam Newton space the ideal when cram on the run, both v 99s in that category.

—The Seahawks space a physics team.Kam Chancellor is the hardest hitter in the video game with 97 fight Power and also Marshawn Lynch gets a 99 in stubborn Arm.

—The battle for the finest corner in the league is a tight one between Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis. They have the same in its entirety Rating but Sherman leads in more attribute categories. Revis has a 99 in guy Coverage yet Sherman hold 99s in region Coverage, beat Recognition, and also Press.

—Byron Jones wowed observers in ~ the NFL combine by shattering the wide jump document and practically breaking the document for vertical jump together well. It aided move him right into the an initial round where he to be taken through the Cowboys. He\"s obtained a99 Jumping Rating i beg your pardon he shares withDominique Rodgers-Cromartie.


The lowest-rated player in Madden NFL 16 isPatriots long-snapper (designated together a tight end in the game) Joe Cardona. He\"s been provided an all at once Rating of47.

Other lowlights:

—If anyone requirements something movedin brand-new England, don\"t questioning kicker Stephen Gostkowski. He can even struggle obtaining his uniform on.He\"s the weakest player in the NFL v a strength Rating the 15.

—It\"s surprising the the least \"tough\" player in the organization according come Madden is Chargers offensive tackle King Dunlap and also not a kicker. Dunlap has a 40 in the Toughness Rating.

—49ers protective end Lawrence Okoye is the the very least \"aware\" player in the NFL with a rating of 33. He might not also know what a football is.

—Two attack lineman share the distinction of gift the slowest football player in the league. The Buccaneers\"Demar Dotson and Ramon Foster the the Steelers have just 49 Speed.

—He just got reduced by the Bills because that failing a physical, so it looks favor Madden acquired this one right. Attack guard chris Williams has been provided an Injury Rating the 45. That\"s 18 points lower than the next player top top the list.

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—Seahawks punter Jon Ryan didn\"t acquire much credit for his clutch fake FG TD pass in the NFC Championship gameor his figure on American Ninja Warrior. He has some of the shortest ratings possible in categories related to athleticism and also only a 20 in throw On The Run.