The Georgia Gold Colonel, played by actor Billy Zane, is part of a marketing project for KFC"s latest product: Georgia Gold Honey Mustard BBQ Chicken.

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by Diana Bradley / January 25, 2017

Introducing: The Georgia Gold Colonel

NEW YORK: KFC continues rotating its Colonels and also has unveiled its seventh since 2015: the Georgia Gold Colonel, played by actor Billy Zane.

The brand-new gold Colonel is component of a marketing campaign for KFC’s latest product, Georgia Gold Honey Mustard BBQ Chicken, which will be available for a limited time beginning January 30.

Zane is well-known for his duties as tycoon Cal Hockley in Titanic and also the majority of freshly as Stan Gutterie on ABC’s Guilt. As the Georgia Gold Colonel, he is sending out the message that "you don’t need to be a millionaire to eat prefer one."

"Our first goal is developing awareness that we have this new recipe and also what it tastes choose," shelp Kevin Hochman, KFC U.S. CMO. "There is a 12-week promotional window, lasting till April."

KFC"s UNITED STATE CMO Kevin Hochmale at the New York press event

For the substantial unveil of the gold Colonel, KFC is focused on media relations and hosted a push occasion in New York on January 25. That night, the first ad via the brand-new Colonel was additionally released.

During Super Bowl week, the brand will launch 5 pieces of content via Zane about the product, Hochguy said. He might not discshed even more details.

"We want to build content approximately an ad," he shelp. "People watch a 15-second ad and say, ‘What else is there for me to consume?’ and also if you don’t have anypoint, that is wright here your relationship is going to end."

KFC initially seeded Georgia Gold Honey Mustard BBQ Chicken throughout the Golden Globes when it funded the Harvey Weinstein after party. That caused actor Marlon Wayans organically tweeting out a picture of Cuba Gooding Jr. wearing a KFC bucket as a hat. The photo was greatly spanned by media outlets, including People and Vogue. Stephen Colbert likewise brought the photo up when Gooding was a guest on his display previously this month.

"A lot of people have watched news around our turnroughly and also they say, ‘Should I really go right into a KFC?’ Then they check out a celebrity eating it and also they desire to try it aacquire," Hochmale shelp.

Earned impressions such as this are making an affect on KFC’s brand, but Hochman included that periodically it’s difficult to quantify.

"Young civilization are having actually boosted development and also consideration and also they don’t watch TV, so that data makes us think this stuff is contributing to it," he sassist.

For example, a YouGov tracker comparing September 1, 2015, to September 1, 2016, confirmed KFC brand also consideration among 18- to 24-year-olds went from 18% to 26%.

Hochguy noted that the brand also demands to readjust and also redevelop its rotating Colonel strategy in order to keep the idea fresh and also amazing and reflect what world desire and worth.

"It’s clear that if you desire to acquire the buzz and also impressions, you can’t simply do the exact same thing eextremely time," he shelp. "The gold Colonel will certainly produce an additional entirety slug of news and also excitement bereason it doesn’t look prefer any of the other Colonels we have actually."

A female or African-Amerideserve to Colonel can be on the cards.

"I would be saddened if I leave this duty and also we don’t perform points like that," Hochmale shelp.

In terms of future plans, Hochguy said KFC is placing "countless dollars" into making use of tech to tell the brand’s food story — that is, that KFC serves fresh hand-ready chicken from U.S. farms. He can not discshed better details.

KFC underwent a "re-Colonelization" last year, representing its employees to the food preparation requirements and approaches Colonel Sanders put in location once the restaurant’s first franchise opened in 1952.

The firm has committed to remodeling 3,000 restaurants in the next three years. It additionally backed a substantial ad campaign featuring various celebrities playing Colonel Sanders to lug earlier the mascot and his values in a "fun and contemporary" method.

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Edelmale has been working via the brand also since last January, once it ended its partnership via Emanate, which had offered as KFC’s customer and also corpoprice PR AOR in the U.S. because 2012.