The original Creole Orchestra right to Left: Eddie Venson, Dink Johnson, Freddie Keppard, Jimmie Palao, George Baquet, invoice Johnson, and also W.M. Williams

The original Creole Orchestra (aka The creole Band, Freddie Keppard’s Original creole Orchestra) was the first New orleans Jazz band to tour exterior of the South. In 1911 bass player Bill Johnson was life in Los Angeles and also contacted his friend Freddie Keppard back in his house town of new Orleans. Keppard was leading the Olympia tape at the moment and Johnson asked the to lug them the end to California through the promise of work.

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Upon arriving they stayed in California a few months prior to hooking up through a vaudeville tour. Indigenous 1914 to 1918, lock toured the country and also became a an extremely popular act. By 1918 the tape was tired of touring and also was breaking up, yet Johnson who handled the organization side of things and bass playing in the tape was quiet booking shows.

He uncovered himself through a gig at the royal Gardens (469 eastern 31st Street) in Chicago and also no band. At this point he contacted very first Buddy Petit, and also then King Oliver to replace Keppard. Oliver accepted the offer and came north from new Orleans with fellow musicians Jimmie Noone and Paul Barbarin in 1918. Oliver eventually assumed control of the band and also it advanced into King Oliver’s creolian Jazz Band in 1921, although Johnson continued to play base in the band until they broke up in 1923. Regrettably the original Creole Orchestra never recorded.

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Pioneers the Jazz: The Story that the creole Band by Lawrence Gushee, Oxford college Press, 2005


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