Things aren"t looking an excellent for Cookie Lyon in the Season 2 premiere of realm . Despite Lucious being in jail at the moment and also her working through Hakeem, Andre, and Anika ~ above a hostile takeover of realm Entertainment, she has actually all type of problems. For one, her favorite son appears to it is in slowly transforming into his father, or in ~ the really least, is transforming against the rest of his family due to the fact that of his father, and then there"s the always looming are afraid of frank Gathers. But who is frank Gathers, played by kris Rock, and also what could his illustration in Season 2 average for Cookie"s future?

Gathers was the drug kingpin whom both Cookie and also Lucious operated for, prior to Lucious" career took off v his wife"s help. The Lyons believed that they were out from under his thumb, yet Cookie was just released native jail early on in exchange because that testifying against him — miscellaneous that kept her on edge throughout Season 1. As photos post from the Empire collection revealed, we"ll ultimately meet frank in prison, wherein he runs right into Lucious. Absent seems like a strange spreading choice, considering exactly how this man supposedly put the fear of God in Cookie, who"s no one to back down native an opponent, therefore I"m curious to check out just exactly how intimidating he deserve to be in the Season 2 premiere. But why is Frank gift introduced and potentially going after ~ Cookie now?

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The most evident reason would certainly be if he discovered out the she testified versus him, landing the in prison alongside Lucious. However they have much more beef than the opportunity of the finding the end this secret. In Season 1, Cookie received a climbed at the prior door of her apartment, the prize Frank provided for his drugs. This made Cookie fear that candid had found out she was snitching come the feds, so she made a call to she cousin, who killed one that Frank"s associates. To record up on everything that taken place in empire Season 1, examine out the drunk recap video clip below.

From what we"ve seen of Season 2, the looks favor Frank will only come face-to-face through Lucious, no Cookie, and there"s no method Lucious will certainly be the one come rat she out, since he doesn"t even know around her resolve the feds or hit on Frank"s associate. Over there are only a few ways Frank might discover the truth: If Cookie"s cousin confesses to his involvement, among his friends transforms on him, or someone from Frank"s crew witnessed the hit go down.

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No matter what, Cookie is in trouble. Frank might be in prison, yet from what empire has called us about him, I"m sure he can do a ton of damages from behind bars.