We have a winner. Judges for this year"s Tiny workdesk Contest sifted through hundreds of entries. They have chosen a song dubbed "Wait Up" by one artist named Neffy.

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NEFFY: (Singing) Deep in the pocket of her coat there"s a letter there that ns wrote. We both recognize that this can not work; not once the river"s phone call - oh, the river"s calling.

KELLY: Beautiful - and also Neffy herself joins united state now. Welcome and also congratulations.

NEFFY: Hello. Give thanks to you so lot for having me. I"m so grateful to be here.

KELLY: What has today been favor for girlfriend so far?

NEFFY: It has actually been for sure wild and sort that in, like, a half stage the in - quiet in shock and also disbelief and additionally in a half stage of just trying come soak it all in. My mom is bursting in ~ the seams.

KELLY: Aw, great.

NEFFY: and my parental - and also collectively room - they"re yes, really happy, and that makes me happy.


NEFFY: (Singing) Wait up. Is over there one last chance to dance in the river - dance in the river? I"m stuck.

KELLY: for this reason tell us about your song. When did you create it? Why"d you compose it?

NEFFY: I created "Wait Up" around a month and also a half ago. I had actually just come from living in brand-new York City because that a while, and also then I got the chance to return house to my root in Arlington, Va. And that really offered me the chance to reflect on the last 5 years the I had actually been life in new York City because that college and also how lot that took the end of me spiritually and also mentally and also physically. And also it to be something that ns really required to write.

KELLY: one of the lines that you song - i think this is the chorus. Girlfriend write, I"m stuck, and the city"s obtained its fixed on me, and also I have had actually enough.


KELLY: Which, ns was enduring the pandemic in a different city, yet it felt pretty lot like the chorus the the pandemic.

NEFFY: (Laughter).


NEFFY: (Singing) I"m stuck, and also the city"s obtained its fixed on me, and also I have - I"ve had actually enough.

KELLY: What was going through your mind once you composed that?

NEFFY: It"s pretty self-explanatory, come be, like, totally honest. I have actually had sufficient of every one of the anxiety and also the confusion and also the excitement the comes along with living in a large city. And also so I just needed a means out (laughter). And those to be the words that i feel, like, encapsulated just how I was feeling.

KELLY: The means you framework the song feels an extremely of the moment. It"s you and your guitar, that"s it. The video clip you make is super intimate and also simple. It"s you sit at this table in ~ home. You"re alone. And that felt favor something that would certainly resonate in this moment. So plenty of of us have actually been sit at a table at home alone.

NEFFY: Yeah. It"s constantly just been me and also my guitar. Like, I"ve never had, like, a vast band pat behind me. But I think it can just speak come the more comprehensive sort of much more ongoing conversation that isolation. And being alone at the table reflects sort the the truth of a lot of people during this troubling time. However to be simple, it just is simply me and my guitar. It"s constantly been that way.

KELLY: In fact, it"s so just you and your etc that you song your own backup on this, right? did you...


NEFFY: Yes. Yes, I execute sing my own backing vocals. I just kept layering and also layering and layering my vocals, and that was, like, a really fun process for me.


NEFFY: (Singing) okay rejoice in mine own free will, in the tide where your waters operation still.

KELLY: you sound choose you concerned this v tremendous talent and also self-confidence already, yet winning something choose this when you"re still so young, it should be sort of an answer, maybe, to any type of voices that doubt you ever before had in your head over, gosh, this is other I deserve to really do and make it real.

NEFFY: Yes, absolutely. A few weeks ago, i was not certain about, like, you know, the fate of mine career and what ns was walking to perform in the future since being an artist is rather uncertain. And this instance that i was fortunate sufficient to win and be placed in has put several of that self-doubt away for me. Therefore that has been really great.

KELLY: I"m glad. The is the winner of this year"s Tiny desk Contest. She was born Mecca Russell. She sings beautifully as Neffy, and also she"s to be talking v us about her song - her winning track - "Wait Up." thank you therefore much and congratulations again.

NEFFY: say thanks to you so lot for having me. I"m just very grateful to be below (laughter).


NEFFY: (Singing) organized me tender as a child.

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