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Is This Your last Answer? pat Who desires To be A Millionaire v Your Friends! based upon the exciting and also unpredictable “shuffle” layout of randomized questions seen ~ above the fight TV game show, you have the right to now reap the Millionaire experience with friends and also other Millionaire fans across North America. Compete against your girlfriend to appropriately answer multiple choice trivia questions from assorted categories, through the capability to use one of the well known lifelines: dual Dip, asking the Audience or jump The Question. If friend beat her friend, you will certainly get accessibility the final Round because that a possibility to prize the Million disagreement question! You"ll even have the chance to select your theme. Get bonus clues by answering multiple concerns in a row or by answering inquiries as rapid as you can!

You can also get a unique reward by perfect the Millionaire collections. Who desires To it is in A Millionaire & friend features: • capacity to compete versus friends or Millionaire fans throughout North America • hundreds of Questions and hundreds of category taken directly from the TV Show. • remarkable true-to-tv present visual and sound effects • access to renowned Lifelines: twin Dip, asking The Audience, jump The question Enjoy this standard gameshow v a society twist because that Free!

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