On MTV’s The Challenge: Vendettas, the winner to be Cara Maria. The loser, on the various other hand, was many of the city hall public.

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Vendettas wasn’t a good season. It to be smack in the center of the ‘dark ages’ of The challenge when MTV to be perpetuating this weird identity crisis. This weird ‘trilogy’ felt only halfway thought-through and halfway finished.

But the one bright light to be the human being who stood atop the podium in ~ the end up line. One person, a female. Cara Maria, after having been bullied and also struggling to discover her location on the show after so plenty of years, finally climbed to the optimal of The Challenge. She won and was the solitary champion the the season, to win ver $375,000 and the title of the an initial solo winner that The Challenge.

The season began off through a surprise elimination Challenge, once TJ, from a soccer ar in Gibraltar, told the entire cast they had actually to sprint to the optimal of the absent of Gibraltar.

Cara Maria didn’t blaze past anyone in this “running right up a mountain” Challenge, however was certainly more than qualified of finishing in the middle of the pack, securing her place in the game.

Cara Maria certainly entered the house with enemies. Vendettas had actually a fluid format, so there to be no established rivals or opponents, yet she had actually beef v Tony, Marie, and also Kailah, to surname a few.

Despite having actually plenty of adversaries in the house, Cara managed to go the entire season without gift thrown right into an elimination.

Cara didn’t win any kind of of the very first five Challenges, yet managed to politic her means out of risk until some vital mid-game Challenges.

The middle of the show, when the fat is trimmed turn off and alliances start to it is in tested, is the most vital part of the game. Cara Maria confirmed why she is one of the good Challengers by helping she team success the Puppet grasp Challenge, and then had actually one of the fastest times in the vehicle Crash challenge (the one wherein Leroy virtually died) to knife herself safety and security from the “Ring”.

At the tail end of the game, there was a an additional elimination daily an obstacle in the kind of a long distance run-and-repel run about Rhonda, Spain. Although Nicole Z won because that the women, Cara Maria performed fine to save herself from being instantly sent home and also was sent straight to the final.

After TJ announced there would be just one complete winner that the final, masculine or female, the video game was on.

The an initial section the the final was a lap about a medieval forest with three check points, and endurance torch carry, a mental puzzle game vs. One opponent, and an eating challenge served by some old Vendettas (Bananas and also Melissa).

Nicole Z was as well injured to end up the an initial leg, for this reason she was eliminated in addition to last location finishers Tony, Leroy, and also Kam.

The last leg the the race was dubbed memory smash, a big giant board of a memory puzzle game. Cara Maria, notoriously poor at puzzles, to be up versus Zach, Kyle, and Kailah.

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As soon as the last leg obtained started, it became clear the the last would be a contest between Cara and Zach. ~ a most wrong guesses and also missed colors, Cara Maria finally got she puzzle correct, make her way up the castle, and also claimed win as the first solo winner in an obstacle history and also winner that MTV’s The Challenge: Vendettas.