The American nation music group the Highwaymen – written of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and Kris Kristofferson – released “Desperados waiting For A Train” off your debut album Highwayman in 1985.

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The supergroup’s version reached No. 15 ~ above the Billboard Hot country Singles & tracks chart.

The Story Behind The Song

Written by male Clark, “Desperados wait For A Train” tells the story of a boy that admires and also looks up to an old man. However, as the tiny boy watched the man flourish older, he discovered him becoming similar to every other older guy he knew.

All through the song, he compared himself and also the male to desperados waiting for a train – something that may seem to it is in exciting and treacherous, yet in the end, it’s in reality pretty dull.

“From the time that I might walk, he’d take me through him to a bar dubbed the environment-friendly Frog Café. There were old males with beer guts and also dominos lie ’bout their resides while they’d played. And I was just a son they all dubbed his’ sidekick.’ choose desperados waitin’ because that a train,” the tune goes.

Clark revealed that the song was inspired by the longtime boyfriend of his grandmother named Jack, who ended up being a grandfather number to him. He wrote the song when Jack died, of whom he explained to be “a crusty old bachelor that lived life ~ above his own terms.”

Moreover, all the points in the song occurred in actual life, and it to be as precise as Clark can remember it, nearly word because that word. “It’s a true song around someone in my life – i mean, friend couldn’t have actually made that up,” he said. “It’s simply as true as you might make it. That was about a guy who was prefer my grandfather. And when I began writing songs, that was one of the songs i knew i was gonna create at some point.”

Country music singer Jerry Jeff Walker initially recorded the track for his album Viva Terlingua exit in 1973. A year later, Rita Coolidge and Tom Rush tape-recorded a version of “Desperados waiting For A Train” for their albums loss Into Spring and Ladies Love Outlaws, respectively.

Finally, in 1975, Clark exit his version for his debut LP. But the song only came to be a hit as soon as the Highwaymen tape-recorded it, and also it introduced Clark’s career as a songwriter. The songs he composed were then recorded by several nation legends such together Kris Kristofferson, Alan Jackson, George Strait, Brad Paisley, Johnny Cash, and also Vince Gill, just to surname a few.

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Clark has likewise grown rather close to the outlaw nation group and also was also often described as “The fifth Highwayman.”

Anyway, make sure to watch the Highwaymen’s significant performance the “Desperados waiting For A Train” in the video below.